Top Ten Sexiest Female Millionaires Top Ten Sexiest Female Millionaires
There are quite a lot of aspiring women who have managed to make their own names in this world despite the difficulties that they... Top Ten Sexiest Female Millionaires

There are quite a lot of aspiring women who have managed to make their own names in this world despite the difficulties that they might have faced. While some of them are inheritors of tremendous wealth, all of the following are successful in building their own reputation. And, it goes without saying – all of them are definitively hot.

  1. Georgina Bloomberg
    New York City Mayor – Michael Bloomberg’s daughter is not only hot, she’s also a highly successful individual and an award-winning novel author. Admiringly enough she manages to maintain a rather low profile steering way from the unforgiving media attention.
  1. Amanda Hearst
    Amanda is the great-granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst. She is a very successful model, and she regularly models for Lilly Pulitzer, being featured on the covers of tremendously famous magazines like Hamptons magazine, for instance. She is also known for being an environmental activist.
  1. Holly Branson
    Being a gorgeous women and a wealthy heiress, Holly has unfortunately been involved in some scandals. However, she is also serving the Chelsea and Westminster’s Hospital neurology as a junior doctor for the NHS which is aspiring enough.
  1. Charlotte Casiraghi
    Charlotte is a descendent of the popular Grimaldy family, and it’s safe to say that she inherited her looks from her mother – the Princess of Monaco. She has quite a lot of sophistication as she enjoys a professional realization as an equestrian show jumper.
  1. Ariana Rockefeller
    Well, the last name of Ariana speaks volumes, and it probably doesn’t need much explanation. However, Ariana is also known for being a tremendous philanthropist, and she majored in visual arts and political science.
  1. Ivanka Trump
    Needless to say, Ivanka is definitely a hot young millionaire. Apart from being the daughter of Donald Trump, she is also a fashion model, a writer, and a businesswoman. She is definitely branding her own name and making way in the world.
  1. Dylan Lauren
    Dylan Lauren is the daughter of the fashion icon Ralph Lauren. However, Dylan’s Candy Bar – her own company which has nothing to do with her dad’s prominent fashion line is without a doubt majorly successful.
  1. Tamara Ecclestone
    Tamara is the daughter of Bernie Ecclestone who is one of the legendary billionaires of Formula 1. Tamara, however, has been involved in quite a lot of TV productions and she is known to be the face of Ultimo, which is a lingerie line of great success. She also runs her own reality show.
  1. Petra Ecclestone
    Tamara’s equally hot younger sister is also particularly successful on her own. She has her own lingerie line called Stark, and she even started a label for menswear which sold a lot of products to retailers such as the Harrods. This was when she was only 19 years old.
  1. Emma Watson
    Needless to say, the star of the Harry Potter movie is without a doubt among the most accomplished and aspiring young women. Being a tremendous activist for the protection of women’s rights, Emma has definitely made a name for herself.

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