Top 10 Nude Beaches Top 10 Nude Beaches
Everyone likes getting out and feel the sand on the body, sand of the beaches that make us feel the sun kissing the top... Top 10 Nude Beaches

Everyone likes getting out and feel the sand on the body, sand of the beaches that make us feel the sun kissing the top layer of our skin and giving us the tan just the way we want it. But sometimes clothes get in the way for the fun, but there is a solution for that too and that is, nude beaches. Where one has got nothing to be worried about when it comes to nude beaches and the only problem faced on such beaches is that you can’t control the sand getting everywhere and you can’t stop anyone from taking their clothes off. Here is the list of the top 10 nude beaches around the planet.

  1. Spiaggia di Guvano – Let us all go first to Corniglia, Italy where this tremendous breath taking view of a shoreline is present in the mountainous Cinque Terre region. The peaks are actually more fun reaching as there is a risk of actually dying before reaching there but still, you’re going to be the only tourist, most likely.
  1. Red Beach – Red beach is in Crete, Greece. As the name indicates this beach has rusty color for its sand, there are very ancient carvings on the stones that can be stunning also the refreshment bar can serve you drinks you want.
  1. Valalta – Next in line can an award-winning naturist campsite, known as Valata that is located in Rovinj, Croatia. This beach is rather developed as you get a water slide, a pool and an aqua bar in the package once you visit. But nothing beats the onsite brewery it has on the list.
  1. Bellevue Beach – Klampenborg, Denmark can give us another nude beach to have fun with. Bellevue Beach in the summers becomes the party spot for the young hot people. If a party and a beach both are needed, this is what you’re looking for.
  1. Samurai Beach – If the name tells you that it’s going to have ninja’s then no, or its going to be in Japan? No! Samurai Beach is the main attraction of Port Stephens, Australia. It is located right next to Tomaree National Park and since it is all sports country you can also play the volleyball on beach that too, naked.
  1. Wreck Beach – At times known as the heaven on earth Vancouver, also have another heaven within itself. Wreck Beach of Canada is the oldest and largest clothing-optional beach in the country. If that’s not enough, you must also know that it was nominated to be in the Seven Wonders of Canada. You can score some jello shots too so add that as well.
  1. Es Trenc – Time to go to Spain now people, in the city of Majorca you are going to get another mouthwatering nude beach. Best part is that the central part of the beach is all filled with the all nude zone so you can have fun with much more privacy in between.
  1. Grande Saline – St. Barts is going to give you fun times with its Grande Saline beach. Because right here toplessness and full-frontal nudity are more the norm for tourists and everyone seems to enjoy it. The length of this beach is its specialty as you can be both, mixing up in the crowd or a nude loner.
  1. Plage de Tahiti – Does Tahiti ring a bell? No? St. Tropez, France’s beaches are actually the pioneers in the industry as they gave rise to the nude beaches. Also it attracts the celebrities from all over the world so you can possibly bump into Kendal Jenner or even Eva Green, who knows?
  1. Praia do Pinho – Just 50 miles out north of Florianopolis in Balneário Camboriú, Brazil, that is also known to be the happiest city of the world in 2013. Praia do Pinho is also believed to be the first naturist beach in Brazil. Best thing about this beach is that nudity is necessary here so there is no warming up. You have to be star naked and straight into the fun.

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