Athens: The City of a Thousand Faces Athens: The City of a Thousand Faces
Athens is known as the city of a thousand faces. It was inhabited in the beginning of the Neolithic age and today, it is... Athens: The City of a Thousand Faces

Athens is known as the city of a thousand faces. It was inhabited in the beginning of the Neolithic age and today, it is considered the historical capital of Europe. The city’s intriguing history, values and civilization acquired a universal significance. Athens has plenty of places where you can admire stunning panoramic views of the city. Romantic or not, let yourself be captivated by the Athenian cityscape as seen from above.


Athenians have a habit of going out late so do not get surprised if you go to a club or a bar at 10 and it is deserted.  Athens is famous for its buzzing nightlife. Since Greeks are late birds, all the parties and fun starts after 11. Athens’ nightclubs, bars, restaurants, floor shows and live music halls are known for their insane energy. One has to experience the nightlife in Athens if they want to feel that energy.

One should keep in mind that most nightclubs in Athens open after 12 a.m. Friday and Saturday nights are the busiest. Traffic jams in Kolonaki and Main Square till 5 in the morning are considered part of the norm as the bars and clubs are crowded until early morning.

Athens’ nightlife is at its peak in the winters; in the summer, most Athenians travel to the parties of Mykonos or Santorini.

The best bars in Athens include the famous Brettos with its beautiful, chic interior, the rooftop Galaxy Bar and the old fashioned and classy Alexander’s Bar. Island Club, Villa Mercedes , Venue and Akrotiri are some of the finest nightclubs in Athens.

Fine Dining

If you love both food and luxury and are willing to try Greek cuisine, you have come to the right place. Athens has hundreds of upscale restaurants and cafeterias.

It is recommended that you do not leave Greece before you have tried Taramasalata, Dolmades, Moussaka, Courgette balls, and the special Athenian charcoal-grilled meat.

Some of the best places to dine in at when in Athens are Funky Gourmet, Schinovatis Cafe Bar, Eleas Gi, Gostijo, Aleria and Arsenis Taverna Iseris.

Other Attractions

If you like adventure gaming, try going to Athens Clue and Adventure Rooms with your friends or form a team with the locals and have a wonderful gaming experience. If you are into history, historical sites and museums might be the best place for you. Parthenon, Erechtheion, Acropolis, Odeum of Herodes Atticus and Kaisariani Monastery are some of the many historical places within Athens while in museums, Byzantine Museum, National Archaeological Museum, Museum of Cycladic Art and The Acropolis Museum are the best.

There are numerous art galleries in Athens as well for those who are inclined more towards arts and literature. Go to Lake Vouliagmeni to enjoy its hot water springs, the art foundation for the art exhibitions or the famous Farmers’ market of Athens. Whatever you choose to do in Athens, you are going to cherish those moments for the rest of your life.


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