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We all dream of owning the best car, a large house next to the beach and being famous. This is the reason behind the... Living In the Fast Lane

We all dream of owning the best car, a large house next to the beach and being famous. This is the reason behind the many years spend at school and those long hours spend working. Material things are indisputably the most important things to human beings. Let nobody fool you they are satisfied with ‘spiritual’ gains or anything else besides from ‘money’. However, just having lots of money counts for little. Having a billion dollar account balance is what qualifies you to the big boys club.

So what is so interesting about being a billionaire? This question can be answered in a billion different ways literally but we will stick to just a few for today. First, you get to be somebody in the society. If you are not super rich or a politician, nobody cares who you are. Fame comes with a certain satisfying feeling that words alone cannot explain. Secondly, you can buy yourself literally anything you have ever dreamed of (even a country). That super yacht you always see on documentaries or that magnificent private jet you saw in a movie is within your grasp as a billionaire. Owning this ‘toys’ is not as exciting as the thrill that comes with the idea that they actually belong to you.

Becoming a billionaire is not as simple as making a wish (though for some it is close to that). For the many self-made billionaires, it is a result of many hours of hard work, dedication to their course, making sacrifices and of course good choices in life. Take for example Warren Buffet, the fact that he is not the youngest billionaire around is enough to tell you that his immense wealth is because of many years of hard work. Despite starting to invest at a very tender age, he has had to withstand many upheavals to become what he is today.

For other billionaires however, becoming rich has been simpler than drinking a glass of water. Their riches are a result of being born in the right family or having the right idea at the right time. A good example of lucky millionaires are the Sawiris brothers from Egypt. They are with no doubt hardworking businesspersons but the truth is that they are millionaires today because they were born in the right family. Their father Mr. Onsi Sawiris literally divided his huge business empire amongst his sons making them instant millionaires. The flamboyant princes of the Middle East are also another perfect example of becoming rich because of your lineage.

Marc Zuckerberg’s story is a mixture of both luck and hard work. He is lucky because he came up with a good idea at the right time and people readily embraced it. Had people not caught up with the facebook craze then we probably would not have known he even existed. Nevertheless, not to take anything from him, to develop a brilliant idea like this he had to put in a lot of work.

With all said and done, no matter how you became rich it does not change the sweetness of the money. The best thing about being supper rich is not only the good life that comes with it but also the fact that making even more money becomes simpler. For a billionaire, making a million dollars is a meager task.

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