Most Overrated Cities of the World Most Overrated Cities of the World
There are a lot of places in the world which you might find to be on top of your TV advertisements and how they... Most Overrated Cities of the World

There are a lot of places in the world which you might find to be on top of your TV advertisements and how they are portrayed in them make them look like a scene from heaven. But you can clearly call them a fake advertisement as experiencing those cities up close is not like how they appear to be in their ads. Here is the list of the top 10 cities that are hyped everywhere, are only overrated and don’t have anything sparkling going on in the real time.

  1. Bali

You might be finding Indonesia to be one of the most beautiful places to be and also very popular with the tourism with their palmy look and islands all over. But by many experts it was summed up as one of the most terrible, expensive and polluted places. Also some ended up calling the food to be terrible.

  1. Venice

This is said to be the most highlighted Italian city. But the truth by many tourists is that there are only a few places where you can be and they are the touristy bits as for the rest of the city, nothing special is going on that will make you get amazed.

  1. Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas? But what exactly happens in Vegas is the question. It is apparently viscous and totally irrelevant. Las Vegas is all lights, if you’re a fan of flashing lights at night and no one sleeping this is the place except the casinos and the bars, nothing fancy is present in the Nevada Playground.

  1. Barcelona

Barcelona is also as good as its beaches. You’re going to have fun with some water touching your feet but except that the weather can become a bit harsh and can spoil your plans, also the food can get expensive and the architecture is not exceptional, as most of the tourist who visited the city, call it just another city.

  1. London

England’s capital city truly was an attraction but maybe it was almost couple of decades ago, now the city is nearly over saturated. The prices on everything are very high, crowds and traffic all over can make it look more like a busy city than a city to have fun in.

  1. Bangkok

This Thai city, is going to get treated in the list for now. Bangkok can be called a non-planned city, as it is hard at times to find something for fun. Most of the traveling expert also state that in order to appreciate Bangkok as a city, you need to visit it for more than once. That’s some serious bashing.

  1. Paris

City of Love, is not that much attractive except a few galleries and the famous Eifel Tower. Most of the critics call the city overpriced as everything, from traveling to food, has a big price tag. If one is looking for romance then this surely is the pick, but for that the wallet needs to be filled accordingly.

  1. LA

Might be called the City of Angels, but Angels really don’t live in such overcrowded places. The city is also really on top as far as crime rate is concerned. Only in the movies it is shown to be very attractive but as a review most of the critics have ended up calling it no less than a dump.

  1. Dublin

The Irish capital also is another example of everything that glitters is not gold. The capital is most of the times seen busy but it doesn’t have anything prominent worth visiting. People there will tell you to go to Temple Bar, but the ones who got a chance to pay a visit ended up calling it full of smelly old men.

  1. Dubai

Okay this might come off as a surprise but the most visited city of the globe right now might be something you’re not looking for. Dubai is high life, and can be expensive if you want to take full fun out of it. This is not something every expert traveler would prefer. Dubai definitely is worth visiting but is also very over rated.

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