Visiting 5 star Day Spas and Resorts
There are very few experiences that can compare to visiting the right day spa. Even a mediocre day spa and resort can be memorable and relaxing. At the 5 star day spas and resorts that have become famous all around the world, you will feel completely refreshed and renewed.... Read more
One of New Yorks Most Preimer Hotel Destinations
Ritz Carlton Hotel at 50 Central Park South, New York is one of the fabulous hotels in the Big Apple. It fronts the beautiful Central Park, a famous urban park in the United States. The hotel’s location offers some of the panoramic view of New York City. This luxurious... Read more
Traveling to Wisconsin? Check Out This Amazing 5 Star Resort!
The Osthoff Resort is nestled in the beautiful Elkhart Lake, WI. It is also just 500 feet from the recreational lakefront. The resort opened its doors in 1995 and quickly gained recognition for being one of the best luxurious places in the area. In fact, it is an AAA... Read more
Top 10, must visit, 5 star hotels in US
It’s always good checking in a nice place after you’ve had a very long and tiring day. They say that the place actually soothes you more than the bed itself. There are many things that make the hotels special, on top of which is their service and the hospitality.... Read more
Indulging in Upscale Shopping in Germany
Germany isn’t as well-known for its upscale shopping opportunities as places in France or England, but there are still plenty of opportunities for upscale shopping in Germany. Many visiting Americans should keep a few things in mind if they’re planning on upscale shopping in Germany. For one thing, in... Read more
Eurostars Hotels for the “Cultural and Business Travellers”
About Euro Stars Founded in January 2005, Eurostars Hotels currently has more than 60 privileged establishments located in historical city centres or near financial districts. Its hotels are primarily targeted at cultural and business travelers. Touring the facilities of any Eurostars hotel means discovering a universe of spaces featuring... Read more
5 Best Luxurious Places to Visit this Summer
Are you in the mood for a luxurious vacation regardless of how much it cost? Rest assured that there are many places all over the globe which you can visit. But which one is perfect for your upcoming summer vacation? Here are some of the best picks! Sugar Beach,... Read more
Millionaire Life – Upscale Hotels
Having a lot of money comes with the full package. While it’s true that money can’t buy you happiness, the old “I’d prefer to cry in a Ferrari” saying is more than just true. Let’s be honest – we live in a materialistic world and obtaining more money so... Read more
South Beach Romantic Exotic Vacation
A South Beach romantic exotic vacation is very much the sort of thing that millions of people have in mind the moment they think about taking an exotic romantic vacation in the first place. All people are going to have different ideas about what constitutes a genuinely beautiful and... Read more
Top 10 five star hotels in Italy
The country with artistic treasure, market streets, some of the world’s best dine-ins and romance in the air, Italy is one of the must visit places for people. So here is the list of Italy’s top-10 5-star hotels where one would get all the comfort and luxury while staying... Read more
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