Owning Your Own Private Jet (Gulf 650) For Real
Owning your own private jet is often treated as synonymous with being extremely successful in modern Western culture. Wealth, freedom, and privilege go hand in hand, and owning your own private jet (Gulf 650) gives you the sort of freedom that is difficult to achieve through any other means.... Read more
Living In the Fast Lane
We all dream of owning the best car, a large house next to the beach and being famous. This is the reason behind the many years spend at school and those long hours spend working. Material things are indisputably the most important things to human beings. Let nobody fool... Read more
10 of the Most Expensive Homes in the World
If there’s one thing that’s true it’s that rich people love pouring money into their homes. Here are some examples of the richest homes in the world. One57 Penthouse Many people actually call this the “billionaire building” as a nickname. It’s located on 57th stree in New York City.... Read more
Millionaire Life – Upscale Hotels
Having a lot of money comes with the full package. While it’s true that money can’t buy you happiness, the old “I’d prefer to cry in a Ferrari” saying is more than just true. Let’s be honest – we live in a materialistic world and obtaining more money so... Read more
The Top 10 Most Expensive Handbags in the World
For many women, owning an amazing handbag is something worth sacrificing for. Whether it’s Prada, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, or any of the other top handbag designers, it is a status symbol and a sign of independence. Extravagant? Maybe, but for most women it’s well worth the cost to be... Read more
We all Scream for the Highest Priced Ice Cream
Ever wonder what the most expensive ice cream in the USA could possibly be? Even those store brands have gone up in price over the past few years but there are some ice cream concoctions that make those $4-7 (per half gallon) prices appear to be absolute bargains. Don’t... Read more
Advices From Billionaires To New Entrepreneurs
Successful people always work on some basic principles which take them to the heights of success. Starting off with nothing, today they are at the peak of success and inspiring everyone. To learn something from these billionaires is what every new entrepreneur should do. So here is a list... Read more
Mark Zuckerburg Donates 99% of Facebook Shares
Babies are angels that travel to earth and Mark has been blessed recently with a beautiful daughter. Co- founder of Facebook announced birth of her daughter in a post on Facebook. It was more of an open letter by Mark and his wife Priscilla Chan to their daughter. The... Read more
The Expensive and Luxurious Houses of Millionaires
The Billionaires league has people who have different passions and likings. But the liking to have a royal, luxurious and, of course, expensive mansions and estates to live, is one thing that almost all of them has in common. They own a few of the most expensive estates and... Read more
Billionaires, What they eat?
A billionaire’s lifestyle has always been something that everyone is curious to know about and dream to live. Everything they do is just grand, so one must be curious to know what these billionaires love to eat. Is it something exotic? Must be something worth a fortune?So to answer... Read more
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