What Women Really Want
What women really want and what they say they want are often totally different things. Just like the song by Terri Clark, Girls Lie Too. I know we want a connection that leads to great love. When we sleep with a guy on the first date, he is thinking,... Read more
Top Stress Relieving Tour Destination for Couples
Stress is unavoidable in our lives. Sometimes people project stress from work to their spouses.  In other cases, daily hustles deny us the opportunity   to have quality time with our loved ones. This results to one partner feeling neglected and unloved, leading to resentment and bitterness. It does not... Read more
Advice from married man to single women about dating
Dating has been an important ritual that precedes long term commitment and marriage since time immemorial. Through dating, you make friends and enjoy each others company.  Dating is the foundation of a lasting intimate comradeship. You learn about your partner’s strengths, weaknesses, fears, dreams and aspirations. Essentially dating entails... Read more
Miley Cyrus Decided To Change Her ‘Wild’ Lifestyle For Liam Hemsworth
Miley Cyrus has a prominent party animal image as you would always find her in almost all the major parties. There was a time when drinking and drugs use to be her diet but finally she has taken a big decision to bring a major change in herself. As... Read more
Must Visit Romantic Destinations For Couples
Once the wedding is over, many couples look forward to a new beginning by going on a honeymoon. it is an exciting experience when travelling with your significant other. There are lots of places out there to waiting to be explored, whether you are looking for nightlife partying or... Read more
Top Ten Romantic Places To Visit
Traveling is one of the perfect ways to woo or get closer to your significant other. Below we capture ten romantic places you can visit and enjoy the time of your life. Aspen, Colorado The slopes of Aspen, Colorado form a perfect playground for the rich and fabulous. Other... Read more
Sex vs. Romance

Sex vs. Romance

Dating June 19, 2016 0

Is romance the socially appropriate response to sexual arousal or is love the result of years together? Scientists, along with human behavior studies, have been seeking the answers to these questions for quite some time now, and believe that finally they may have the answer. There are two distinct... Read more
Dating tips for North Americans and Europeans
The world of dating has gone through many changes all over the world, but if there is one thing that most countries have in common is that dating continues to be one of the best ways to get to know a person before you start any kind of committed... Read more
Advice from a Married Woman to a Single Woman
There are many things that being married will teach you and unfortunately, most single women don’t even pay attention to the advice that is given by married women. Being someone who has been married for close to ten years, I can tell you that paying attention to the advice... Read more
Top 10 Things Women Want From Men?
Foreplay – Men find it easy to switch it on and off. Women need to warm up and simmer as part of sexual activity. Relaxation – For women to enjoy a sexual experience, they need to feel relaxed and comfortable. No anxiety equals an orgasm. Know her needs –... Read more
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