Top 10 Sexy US Cities
A lot of men cannot figure out how to completely please a woman sexually. It really does not take much more than a little thought, a little consideration and a little ingenuity. It is also amazing to find that the top ten cities in the United States that have... Read more
Katy Perry and John Mayer to Shine in 2016
2015, the year full of “Goodbyes”, Zayn-Perrie, Justin-Selena, Megan-Green, Joe-Gigi and many others. 2015 left many shells wide open, but Katy Perry is something else. She reignited her on and off romance with “moody” John Mayer again. The lovebirds were spotted on New Year’s Eve leaving a restaurant in... Read more
New Orleans Romantic Places
New Orleans is one of the most famous American cities, which automatically gives it a certain sense of romance. It is a genuinely romanticized place, and many people dream of visiting New Orleans at some point or another. For many people, no trip would be complete without a visit... Read more
Celebrities Practicing Open Relationships
Relationships have really been an interesting aspect of everyone’s life. People look at it in different ways. So do the celebrities. Well, there are a few celebrities who choose to be together without any restrictions of not choosing someone other than each other too. Simply put, they practice an... Read more
Dating Sites or Clubs
So you have been single for a while and you would like to get back in the saddle again. There are numerous ways that you can go about finding that significant other these days, but which one should you put your trust into the most? Everyone knows of the... Read more
This sun sign pair has all the capabilities of surprising everyone. Reason? This pair is considered to be a not-so-good sun sign pair, but with their mulish nature, they generally do end up with each other successfully. What makes this pair more interesting, and difficult at the same time,... Read more
Dating Advice for Men from the Biological Standpoint
Are you one of the millions of men who wonders what makes women tick? Why do some men have all the luck with women and others can’t even seem to get a date? Here’s some dating advice for men from a biological point of view. Read more
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