Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez, Together for Charity
Love is in the air? We better hope so, because it’s always a treat watching a couple of faces we know and cherish on the big screen coming together to do something nice and something that puts smiles on faces. The same is going on with Jennifer Lopez as... Read more
Rihanna, Working the Cash Register
Although most of the times we see Rihanna, busy in putting all of her efforts in getting dressed with the best outfits for red carpet showdown or performances in her concerts alongside singing new hit songs. But we can’t just ignore the fact that from the day she has... Read more
Demi Lovato Talks about Her Love Life on Ellen
The American pop star Demi Lovato was recently invited on the Ellen DeGeneres show where she talked about her boyfriend and sobriety. We all know that Ellen is more aware of the celebrity romances than anybody else. So when Demi came she suddenly displayed the picture of the Demi’s... Read more
Drake Not Happy on Serena Williams Engagement
It’s always bad looking at your favorite stars and celebrities splitting up after making a lot of faces happy and making them look at their couple with eyes filled with fantasy and expectations. There are tons of celebrities around the world who are still in relationship with each other... Read more
Lakers honor Shaquille O’Neal with a statue
There are only a few names that are going to come to your mind when it comes to a talk of basketball or NBA. One of those names is Shaquille O’Neal. Lakers have seen tons of games in which Shaq has provided them countless breakthroughs with the performances worth... Read more
Chris Brown’s cameo on Black-ish
If you’re reading this and you’re a Chris Brown fan, then we must tell you that we’ve got a good news! You’re all going to see your favourite musician and dancer on ABC’s famous show “Black-ish” as a guest star. They have officially given the first look into the... Read more
Emma Watson, soon to be the highest paid actress in 2017
Call her lucky or call her the chosen one, but something is always going on in Emma Watson’s life and one way or another she’s indulged in making newer achievements and breaking records. If you get a time to notice Watson’s life you will see she’s constantly progressing in... Read more
Kim Kardashian Discloses the Robbers’ Strategy of Attacking Her
A recent video clip has been circulating the internet since Wednesday in which Kim Kardashian, the 36-year-old reality star describes how she thinks the robbers had planned the attack when residing at the No Address Hotel on 3rd of October.   In her own words, she tells us that... Read more
John Legend Opens Up About The Struggle of Chrissy Teigen
We all know that John Legend is an amazing singer but only few of us know that he is a perfect husband and an amazing dad. Her wife, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit favorite, Chrissy Teigen recently wrote an essay for Glamour magazine about the struggle with PPD and since... Read more
Ellen’s way of giving a gift
We all love Ellen; hardly are you going to find her haters. Nearly everyone just loves the Ellen DeGeneres show. Every single segment of her show is absolutely designed to raise the level of fun. And giving gifts to everyone is what makes her show special. A few years... Read more
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