Halle Berry’s memorable jump to a Pool
From the wrong announcement for the best picture to the amazing performances a lot has happened in the Oscars this year. The night went off to a great start but Halle Berry gave us all the reasons to applause, how to end an Oscar’s night. After attending the all... Read more
What Jennifer Lopez Thinks About Dating
Things always get interesting when it comes to Ellen DeGeneres Show, but this Tuesday (Feb. 21) they got more than just interesting because Jay Lo was on the show. The conversation got juicier when an amid discussion of her Las Vegas residency and the possibility of her performing in... Read more
Magic Johnson’s Latest Wish
Things move fast in the world of NBA, and they move with the presence of players and big names. Los Angeles Lakers has recently been blessed by the same big name and that is Magic Johnson. Who, this Tuesday was announced and hired to be the president of their... Read more
Emma Watson Rejected ‘Cinderella’ Before ‘Beauty and the Beast’
Embed from Getty Images The Harry Porter star girl in her latest interview revealed that she rejected Cinderella before ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ Her upcoming venture ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ is only few weeks away and her fans can’t wait to see her. She said “I didn’t know they... Read more
Charlie Sheen Apologizes to Rihanna
Embed from Getty Images So, finally the Sheen-Rihanna feud saw some downfall as Charlie Sheen apologized to Rihanna. Charlie Sheen recently reignited the 2014 Twitter was when he called Rihanna a b**ch. He was invited on the Andy Cohen show and he asked Sheen about his 3 year-old Twitter... Read more
Justin is Back on Instagram and Selena is Back With New Music
Embed from Getty Images According to reports Selena Gomez is all set to release her new track. Selena was working on her new album for last one and half year. She recently collaborated with Paulina Rubio for Rubio’s new album. Although the release date of their song is still... Read more
Daniel Radcliffe Became Harry Porter Because He Had The Balls
Embed from Getty Images Harry Porter franchise is one of the most popular franchises in the world. Every character became a household name, especially the lead Daniel Radcliffe but what we don’t know is the reason why Daniel Radcliffe was selected for Harry Porter. There are many untold stories... Read more
Drake and Jennifer Lopez Spent New Year’s Eve and Day Together
Embed from Getty Images J Lo, at the last moment cancelled her Miami New Year’s Eve performance and there were rumors that she is not feeling well but GUESS WHAT? She took that day off because she wanted to spend New Year’s Eve and then the Day with her... Read more
Robert Downy Jr. and perks of being an Iron Man
Embed from Getty Images Robert Downey Jr. has always managed to surprise his fans by getting into the different roles, showing his acting skills with those strong expressions and sarcasm. He’s been into every meme made on the internet soon as the day he got himself fit in the... Read more
J Lo in Bye Bye Birdie Live
Embed from Getty Images 2016 is ending yes we know but many people are actually aiming to end it with a bang and among those people is our favorite NBC, who have announced that Jenny from the block is all set to star up in “Bye Bye Birdie Live!”... Read more
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