Lavish Homes in Beverly Hills
The infamous Beverly Hills is home to the rich and the famous. This high end area of Los Angeles County is known to be one of the most expensive places to live in the country, because of the high cost of living. It means that everything is expensive in... Read more
10 of the Most Expensive Homes in the World
If there’s one thing that’s true it’s that rich people love pouring money into their homes. Here are some examples of the richest homes in the world. One57 Penthouse Many people actually call this the “billionaire building” as a nickname. It’s located on 57th stree in New York City.... Read more
Enjoying Million Dollar Living in Hawaii
Hawaii is a state that is more famous for vacations than for million dollar living. Many people will exclusively go there for the sake of visits. They won’t necessarily go there to live. However, the people who do decide to relocate to Hawaii are certainly going to get a... Read more
Top Ten Million Dollar Beach Front Properties in the U.S
Imagine waking up every morning with the ocean at the bottom of your garden in your very own beachfront house. It is everyone’s idea of paradise but unless you have several million dollars to spare you are unlikely to achieve your dream. The top ten million dollar beach front... Read more
Million Dollar Homes in Dubai
Dubai is constructing beautiful new estates all the time, and there are plenty of captivating million dollar homes in Dubai today. Just seeing these homes from a distance can be an unforgettable experience. If you actually have the chance to tour any one of them, the experience will definitely... Read more
Awesome Celebrity Homes
Celebrities are rich as anything, we all know that. But what do they do with so much money? Well, not for all, but for some we do have an answer. These are the celebrities which have made their houses better than the best and invested a lot on them.... Read more
Irish Castles and Millionaires
In the deep crevices of the male desire, there lies the rulers wish. We all want to rule something whether its a crayon, a book, a classroom or a house. We have an inner desire to be our own kings. That is why many sail off with ships and... Read more
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