Emma Watson Rejected ‘Cinderella’ Before ‘Beauty and the Beast’
Embed from Getty Images The Harry Porter star girl in her latest interview revealed that she rejected Cinderella before ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ Her upcoming venture ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ is only few weeks away and her fans can’t wait to see her. She said “I didn’t know they... Read more
Daniel Radcliffe Became Harry Porter Because He Had The Balls
Embed from Getty Images Harry Porter franchise is one of the most popular franchises in the world. Every character became a household name, especially the lead Daniel Radcliffe but what we don’t know is the reason why Daniel Radcliffe was selected for Harry Porter. There are many untold stories... Read more
Robert Downy Jr. and perks of being an Iron Man
Embed from Getty Images Robert Downey Jr. has always managed to surprise his fans by getting into the different roles, showing his acting skills with those strong expressions and sarcasm. He’s been into every meme made on the internet soon as the day he got himself fit in the... Read more
The Circle’s Trailer
We all love the trailers of the movies we are all waiting for and the trailer is definitely the first look of the entire film, the first and foremost hype for the movie is created by the trailer not even the teaser does what a trailer can. Things get... Read more
Taylor Swift, Zayn Malik and 50 Shades Darker, a trio killing fans
Embed from Getty Images We all love Zayn Malik, we all love Taylor Swift and we definitely are waiting for 50 Shades Darker, wouldn’t it be a ridiculously amazing news if we found out that we are going to get a taste of all three in the same place... Read more
Zayn Malik on The Big Screen
The entertainment industry’s news circulates like a fire in the jungle, especially when they are related to musicians, joining a career, leaving a band or launching their autobiography. The same has happened with the young talent and former One Direction band member Zayn Malik. Two have happened, him leaving... Read more
Kevin Hart’s “What now?” review
Kevin Hart’s consistency with breath-breaking and diaphragm-shaking performances left a lot of people holding their stomach with yet another entry. It grossed over 11 million on its opening weekend which is quite promising. Currently it has attained third spot on weekend box office. At any rate, taking an overview... Read more
The Phenomenal Purple Rain
The 80’s gave birth to a good number of musicals that are seen and remembered by many. The most important thing to consider regarding Purple Rain is that this is a musical that was made by a musical pop genius. Purple rain is a great way for people to... Read more
Seeing The Wonderful Movie “The Princess Bride”
The wonderful movie “The Princess Bride” is an unforgettable viewing experience. It’s a film that has managed to captivate audiences for decades, and it has become something of a modern classic. Each new generation has picked it up since it was introduced, and it is already managing to achieve... Read more
Adam Lambert to star in Rocky Horror Picture Show
Fox Studios have recently released a statement in which they have confirmed that Adam Lambert will be the part of their next project, the remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The Eighth American Idol Runner-up, Adam Lambert is attached with Fox since childhood. He has previously shown his... Read more
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