Rihanna, Working the Cash Register
Although most of the times we see Rihanna, busy in putting all of her efforts in getting dressed with the best outfits for red carpet showdown or performances in her concerts alongside singing new hit songs. But we can’t just ignore the fact that from the day she has... Read more
Chris Brown’s cameo on Black-ish
If you’re reading this and you’re a Chris Brown fan, then we must tell you that we’ve got a good news! You’re all going to see your favourite musician and dancer on ABC’s famous show “Black-ish” as a guest star. They have officially given the first look into the... Read more
Rihanna is now Bates Motel
Embed from Getty Images Rihanna will be seen playing the iconic role of Marion Crane in the fifth and final season of A&E’s “Bates Motel.” Janet Leigh is the reason behind the popularity of this Marion Crane character. Another good news for Bates Motel fans is that Vera Farmiga... Read more
“Black Music is Everything” Says Bruno Mars
Bruno can sing like Curt, dance like MJ and roll like Elvis. He is a complete package and he is considered as one of the most versatile singer in the world. His recent interview has created a buzz on social media in which he showed his support for African... Read more
Charlie Sheen Apologizes to Rihanna
Embed from Getty Images So, finally the Sheen-Rihanna feud saw some downfall as Charlie Sheen apologized to Rihanna. Charlie Sheen recently reignited the 2014 Twitter was when he called Rihanna a b**ch. He was invited on the Andy Cohen show and he asked Sheen about his 3 year-old Twitter... Read more
Beyonce asking Jay Z to let Beygones be Beygones
Embed from Getty Images Things are really revolving around in Kanye’s life lately but now they have taken a new turn as the star has been reportedly announced to be arrested for assaulting one of the staff members at the gym he’s training. The famous rap star was handcuffed,... Read more
Gaga praising Gomez for being strong
Embed from Getty Images The speeches are something worth listening to especially when they are taking place after a moment someone has been waiting for quite a long time. Speeches are made to move the hearts and make the audience feel the pain the speaker is delivering to them.... Read more
Jennifer Lopez is “My Angel” Says Pitbull
Mr. Worldwide has always been a huge fan of Jennifer Lopez and we can easily assume that by keeping in mind the collaborations that they did in past. Recently, Pitbull was giving an interview to Armando Perez, so when he was asked about Jen. His words were full and... Read more
Coldplay’s tribute to Gene Wilder
Coldplay never disappoints, we all know that. The Band continued to do so when in the recent gig they paid a tribute to Gene Wilder, the man who played the main role in movie Willy Wonka. Legendary actor who is usually seen as the part of the Memes all... Read more
Mariah Carey Denies Reports Of Throwing A Laptop
Mariah Carey has been in news from the last few days when we started hearing a news that the 46 years old singer threw the laptop out of the window. Reports said that she did it because she got annoyed and real angry when fiancé James Packer played a Beyoncé... Read more
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