Beyoncé rep denies the Rumors of her making a Film
There were rumors all over the web about Beyoncé writing and producing a biopic about Sarah Baartman who is considered as a cultural icon in South Africa. Baartman was also known as the “Hottentot Venus” a nickname given to her because of the size of her buttocks. A woman... Read more
Lady Gaga is Women of the Year by Billboard
Lady Gaga cut down the house at Billboard’s annual Women in Music occasion in New York last Friday with a grasping execution of her tribute tune to casualties of rape, “Till It Happens to You.” Gaga co-composed the melody with lyricist Diane Warren for a rape narrative The Hunting... Read more
Justin Bieber A Man with a “Golden Heart”
Justin Bieber just couldn’t resist his endearment towards Toronto. Justin announced on Tuesday afternoon that he is performing at the Danforth Music Hall on Dec 7 and it was a matter of seconds, the hall was sold-out. Read more
Patti LaBelle: A Story of Success
The golden voice and widely regarded Godmother of Soul, Patti LaBelle, has given numerous hits during her vastly successful career. The lead singer of the first African-American vocal group to appear in Rolling Stone’s cover, 71 years old Patti LaBelle has worked hard to climb her way up to... Read more
Lady Gaga: A “Different” Music Icon
“Poker Face”, “Bad Romance”, “Applause” and many more chartbuster hits have came from the beautiful and one of a kind singer, Lady Gaga. She has earned huge success and name worldwide by her singing talent and for her fashion, live performances and self empowering messages. But this was not... Read more
Mr. Smith Returns to Music
Will Smith has a rare return, rapping to the remix by Colombian group Bomba Estéreo’s track, Fiesta. Read more
Madonna Her Life – Her Music
Few people make a name for themselves in the music industry let alone change it. The Material Girl also known as Madonna has changed the industry forever. She is a singer, songwriter, actress, and even a businesswoman. She pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable and decent no only... Read more
Dr. Dre the Biggest Hiphop Director to Date
Rising outta the dusted up homes and busted up jaws, an entity with a strong will rose through the status of the biggest hiphop director to date. Read more
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