Lea Michele Praises Ariana Grande’s Performance at 2016 iHeart Radio Music Festival
The “Scream Queens” actress Lea Michele is deeply impressed by Ariana Grande. She took to Twitter to praise Ariana Grande’s performance at the 2016 iHeart Radio Music Festival. She posted a video of Grande performing her new song “Side to Side” and posted “This girl was amazing last night!... Read more
Zayn Malik Writing a Memoir
It’s always fun having a look into a celebrity’s life. Especially for their fans who want to see what they have to say about their lives and the things that were never heard before. Such memoirs get more and more special if they are written by a famous pop... Read more
Drake The Best Neighbor Ever

Drake The Best Neighbor Ever

Music September 19, 2016 0

Drake The Best neighbor ever; if you are the party type then he will rock your world (quite literally), and if you are not the party-type then no worries he will set you up for someplace else by buying your house. Drake has proved that he is the man... Read more
Bruno’s New Album Can Be Anytime This Year
Hey, Hooligans the wait might be over any second now. According to the bassist of Hooligans Bruno will release his new album any day this year. Jamereo Artis said the follow up of unorthodox Jukebox can be any second now, which then will be followed by a World Tour.... Read more
Coldplay’s tribute to Gene Wilder
Coldplay never disappoints, we all know that. The Band continued to do so when in the recent gig they paid a tribute to Gene Wilder, the man who played the main role in movie Willy Wonka. Legendary actor who is usually seen as the part of the Memes all... Read more
Bruno Mars Tweets His Support For Chris Brown
Bruno Mars has raised his voice for the support for his fellow artist Chris Brown. He tweeted “Prayin for ya @chrisbrown we need ya.” Chris Brown who was arrested on August 30, after a lady named Baylee Curran called 911 and claimed that Chris Pointed a gun on her... Read more
Rihanna’s new Tattoo
There’s always a need to make things memorable and long lasting in a relationship. Things that remind us about the good times whenever we look at them. A tattoo is one of them, the internet broke the other day when they saw new tattoo on the ankle of Pop... Read more
Grande and Minaj, in action
The music is being taken to a whole new level. The same happened with the song 23 year old Ariana Grande came up with, that has the title mentioned with it as Side to Side. She has recently confirmed that the X-rated Nicki Minaj duet is nothing but about... Read more
Miley Cyrus Decided To Change Her ‘Wild’ Lifestyle For Liam Hemsworth
Miley Cyrus has a prominent party animal image as you would always find her in almost all the major parties. There was a time when drinking and drugs use to be her diet but finally she has taken a big decision to bring a major change in herself. As... Read more
Mariah Carey Denies Reports Of Throwing A Laptop
Mariah Carey has been in news from the last few days when we started hearing a news that the 46 years old singer threw the laptop out of the window. Reports said that she did it because she got annoyed and real angry when fiancé James Packer played a Beyoncé... Read more
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