Top Ten Sexiest Female Millionaires
There are quite a lot of aspiring women who have managed to make their own names in this world despite the difficulties that they might have faced. While some of them are inheritors of tremendous wealth, all of the following are successful in building their own reputation. And, it... Read more
10 Current Presidents with the Best Bodies
10. Bashar- Al- Assad: President of the republic of Syria Syria might be engulfed in a civil war now. But at the helm of the country’s leadership is the 6 ‘2’ lean and tall leader, Bashar –Al-Assad. Besides his impressive height, Assad is perhaps one of the charismatic leaders... Read more
Top Ten Sexiest Football Player Bodies
There is no doubt that football is the most popular sport in the world. But wait a minute. What makes watching football so appealing to the global audience? I doubt it is the skill of over a dozen men chasing an inflated ball. Or the flying tackles and raw... Read more
Why Big Butts Are Sexy?
There is this big butt hype that always influences men and they seem to have unrealistic images of what a woman should look like. Images of big booties are always tossed on the faces of people, so a lot of them have to think that why men are so... Read more
Sexy Women and Movies Make Profitable Combination
It used to be a tongue-in-cheek dance of reading the innuendo between the lines, but now sex and movies are unabashedly holding hands and swinging arm-in-arm — or hand-in-wallet. The marketing mantra “Sex sells” has become a promotional staple — it’s evident in most TV commercials and successful films.... Read more
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