Serena Williams, is pregnant
Quite a big news for the world of Tennis! The 23-time major champion and one of the finest in the game, Serena Williams, according to her representative, is pregnant. But with such a good news there was another bad news hooked up and it was that we might not... Read more
Stephen Curry shutting off social media
All the big players do everything they can to get their focus on the game that means more than just a sport for them. Losing the focus is not an option, neither is losing because of the loss of motivation. The same step was taken by renowned NBA sharpshooter... Read more
Lewis Hamilton, coming forward to support fellow driver
It takes a lot to become the best in the sport you’re a part of. It takes more than dedication and determination. But what makes you perfect from best in that sport is when you respect the game and show kindness to the ones who are also a part... Read more
Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez, Together for Charity
Love is in the air? We better hope so, because it’s always a treat watching a couple of faces we know and cherish on the big screen coming together to do something nice and something that puts smiles on faces. The same is going on with Jennifer Lopez as... Read more
Tristan Thompson Injures Thumb
No matter what game a team plays. All that matters is what their lineup is made of. The players either they’re in form or not make the team intimidating or worth playing against. But some players are way important and vital for the team and their win than the... Read more
Drake Not Happy on Serena Williams Engagement
It’s always bad looking at your favorite stars and celebrities splitting up after making a lot of faces happy and making them look at their couple with eyes filled with fantasy and expectations. There are tons of celebrities around the world who are still in relationship with each other... Read more
Federer Defeats Nadal Third Time in a Year
Federer again proved that he still has some spark left in him as he defeated the king of clay Nadal in Miami Open’s Final. A dream final for all fans, but it turned out to be an easy win for Federer as he defeated Nadal 6-3, 6-4. And with... Read more
Lakers honor Shaquille O’Neal with a statue
There are only a few names that are going to come to your mind when it comes to a talk of basketball or NBA. One of those names is Shaquille O’Neal. Lakers have seen tons of games in which Shaq has provided them countless breakthroughs with the performances worth... Read more
John Cena Heel Turn, What Stephanie Wanted
Heel Turns are often shocking and surprising in the world of WWE, and they make the most amount of fans upset but also set up multiple other story lines that can be followed. The prospects of putting heel turns are absolutely fruitful for the ratings. In what is perhaps... Read more
Amir Khan breaks silence on his family feud
In the light of recent events and almost months of exchanging blows, a lot has been going on in Amir Khan’s life and his life has been a boxing match as well that was between his wife and his family. The argument started on twitter and it went on... Read more
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