The UFC and Women Fighting
I think it safe to say that we all remember a day not so long ago when the thought of a woman engaging in a fist fight was barbaric to say the least. Most people would never even consider that women had the courage to step into a ring... Read more
“I Thought of Killing My Self” Says Ronda Rousey
Ellen DeGeneres recently invited the former bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey on her show. Ronda was looking gorgeous, happy and full of aggression like she used to be in past. They both cracked jokes and they were having fun but suddenly Ronda broke down while discussing her defeat against Holly... Read more
The Highest Paid Retired Sportsmen
Sports are about intensity, stamina, endurance, talent, skill and hard work. But with time, sports brought in money too and a lot of it with endorsements being one of the main reasons! There are many sportsmen who went on to become rich, but then there are a few, who... Read more
Superbowl is a football extravaganza that makes the adrenaline rush going with players competing out in the field and fans cheering them. But the Half-time shows have always been the much awaited ones too where the musical greats spread their magic. Here is the list of top 10 such... Read more
Top 10 Sports Persons Who Are Earning A Fortune With Their Game And Name
Constant training, practice and then making it all count on the field is what a sportsman live for. But with time and with commercialization, today’s sports persons are not only earning fame, but earning huge money too. Here is a list of top 10 sports persons, who have it... Read more
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