Top Ten Sexiest Football Player Bodies
There is no doubt that football is the most popular sport in the world. But wait a minute. What makes watching football so appealing to the global audience? I doubt it is the skill of over a dozen men chasing an inflated ball. Or the flying tackles and raw... Read more
Top Nude Beaches
Majority of people consider nudity as a taboo practice. However, nudity in the literal and symbolic sense is the epitome of freedom, pride and transparency. We all at one time desire to let everything loose and flow with nature. To feel the coarse grains of sand caressing our bare... Read more
Top Ten Places to visit for amazing zip-line experiences
For people who have a fear of BASE jumping or hang gliding, but want to experience the thrill and adventurous flying trip above the scenic landscapes, zipline tours are a fantastic alternative. They are far safer than hang gliding and are as much fun as BASE jumping. There are... Read more
Top Ten Romantic Places To Visit
Traveling is one of the perfect ways to woo or get closer to your significant other. Below we capture ten romantic places you can visit and enjoy the time of your life. Aspen, Colorado The slopes of Aspen, Colorado form a perfect playground for the rich and fabulous. Other... Read more
The Music Executives who Influence the Music Business
Behind every successful record or album there lies a music executive who had the final say as to whether it should be recorded. Without their decision some of the greatest songs ever written might never have been heard so who are the ten most powerful music executives in the... Read more
The Top Ten Best Alcohol Drinks
If you are someone that likes to go out and have a good time, but also likes to try new things, then you need to know about the top ten best alcohol drinks. You may be used to getting your liquor from a local place, but you should also... Read more
What Are Top Ten Best Sellers of All Time
When one thinks about best-selling books. They tend to think of books that are very high in sales. However, what they also do think about these books has nothing to do with money or how many copies they have sold, it is something far more personal and secret to... Read more
The Top 10 Most Expensive Handbags in the World
For many women, owning an amazing handbag is something worth sacrificing for. Whether it’s Prada, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, or any of the other top handbag designers, it is a status symbol and a sign of independence. Extravagant? Maybe, but for most women it’s well worth the cost to be... Read more
Top 10 Denzel Washington Movies
When it comes about some of the most talented and successful Hollywood actors, Denzel Washington is definitely on the list! The two time Academy Award winner with a total of six nominations, Denzel is one of those actors, who unlike others, pass through the rise and fall phase and... Read more
Top Ten Million Dollar Beach Front Properties in the U.S
Imagine waking up every morning with the ocean at the bottom of your garden in your very own beachfront house. It is everyone’s idea of paradise but unless you have several million dollars to spare you are unlikely to achieve your dream. The top ten million dollar beach front... Read more
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