The Top Ten Movies of All Time – For All Time!
When we go to the show to see movies. It is because we are moved by certain movies. Sometimes, it is because, a friend or family member does tell us how great a movie was or how they enjoyed it. Other times, it is mainly about us, and the... Read more
If You Are A Traveler, Don’t Turn Into A Photographer
Traveling is all about getting away from the daily routine, all the hustle and about setting out on adventure, getting new experiences and do some exploration. Exploration of new places, new people and mostly you get a few moments to explore your inner self. But most of the times,... Read more
Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies Of All Time
There are movies that are hits, and then there are movies that are superhits. But some movies are blockbusters that break all records at box office and rule it like a boss. Let’s have a look at such top 10 highest grossing movies of all time: Read more
The changing trend and trend-setters
There’s always a first. The first man who who wore a monocle and made it fashion as well as the first woman who wore a big hairdo for one of her parties. Read more
Top 10 Model Turned Actors
Models were generally considered as people with good physique and features but no acting skills. But then there came many such actors and actresses, who moved on to acting after being successful as a model and went on to get the same success, critical as well as commercial, on... Read more
Irish Castles and Millionaires
In the deep crevices of the male desire, there lies the rulers wish. We all want to rule something whether its a crayon, a book, a classroom or a house. We have an inner desire to be our own kings. That is why many sail off with ships and... Read more
Madonna Her Life – Her Music
Few people make a name for themselves in the music industry let alone change it. The Material Girl also known as Madonna has changed the industry forever. She is a singer, songwriter, actress, and even a businesswoman. She pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable and decent no only... Read more
Dr. Dre the Biggest Hiphop Director to Date
Rising outta the dusted up homes and busted up jaws, an entity with a strong will rose through the status of the biggest hiphop director to date. Read more
Hollywood the City of Plastic Surgeries
In Hollywood, image is everything and even looking aged is like a cancerous disease to some celebrities. The secret is to remain young forever and nothing makes this easier than a visit to a plastic surgeon in the city. If a celebrity does not like a part of his... Read more
The Demands of the Pop Divas
There is no question that becoming a pop star can make your life completely different from the average person, but some pop star divas can let things get to their heads a little bit too much and this is exactly what this article is all about. We are going... Read more
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