Dr. Dre the Biggest Hiphop Director to Date

Rising outta the dusted up homes and busted up jaws, an entity with a strong will rose through the status of the biggest hiphop director to date.

Dr. Dre has been a rapper straight outta Compton as a popularity gainer ever since he was a kid.
He itched to get into the hip hop business so he wen regularly to his neighbourhood clubs and DJ stands,
and soon enough he was a DJ at the club with the title of ‘Dr. J’. He clubbed up and met up and gained up on fans and soon gained friends with the top hiphop artists.

He was a NWA member in the group and soon rose to make his own recording label Aftermath and signed up with Eminem and 50 Cent.

He has overseen the careers of Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, Eminem and major other hip hop artists.
He has since then been busy. What is there to talk about other than so many of the amazing things done by Dre. Dre then started his own audio company of beats for audiophiles and added styles of headphones to the market. He has just finished up on his recent film ‘Straight Outta Compton’ and has now started to pump up
and dialed full with the publicity and showmanship that he is famous for. There have been talk all over town of fans and folks ramming up in album stores to get it while its hot. He is a sort of ‘Been there done that’ sort of guy and still doesn’t steer slow.

He has a regular show ‘The Pharmacy’ with a collabration with Beatsby1 radio and holds fun in a high talk with Dr. Dre.

He has been a mentor to Eminem and a role model for the rising rappers of this age. Just as his film bubbles up,
his new album ‘Compton’ rises in charts all over countries. And the top richest rapper still has high dreams of higher skies and pride.

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