Hollywood the City of Plastic Surgeries

In Hollywood, image is everything and even looking aged is like a cancerous disease to some celebrities. The secret is to remain young forever and nothing makes this easier than a visit to a plastic surgeon in the city. If a celebrity does not like a part of his or her body such as a nose, they go ahead and modify it. If I were a plastic surgeon, I would be heading to Hollywood right now because this type of business has been flourishing year after year. Plastic surgeries have become the answer for celebrities who wish to remain “relevant” and always look “great.” For some, it is an addiction. In fact, thanks to plastic surgeries, it is no wonder to fail to recognize a celebrity from a photo taken as little as two years ago.

Sadly, in a bid to look better, a large number of celebrities in Hollywood have ended up demarcating irreparable masks on their faces. Joan Rivers, Melanie Griffith, Janice Dickinson, Michael Jackson, Lil Kim, Donatella Versace, Mickey Rourke, and Jocelyn Wildenstain are just but a few cases of those who have repetitively ruined their faces in an attempt to look better. Such cases reveal a lot about celebrities who undergo plastic surgeries. They are people who deeply carry great insecurities regarding their looks and no matter how many times they undergo the “cut”, they are never satisfied with what they see in the mirror. This is why most celebrities do not own up to undergoing plastic surgeries even though it is obvious from their faces. They are somehow ashamed of admitting the truth.

What these celebrities and their large followings don’t understand is that attitude change is the most important thing. You can change every aspect of your physical being but as long as you have not changed your mindset or your attitude toward self, things will always remain the same heedless of how many plastic surgeries you undergo. If you are used to finding fault in your face, no matter how many times you try to change it through surgeries, you will always find a new fault. It’s one’s attitude and perspective that count. Plastic surgery was meant for patients with real issues such as those who need removal of cancerous tumors, not for celebrities who are clearly in fine fettle.

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