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Few people make a name for themselves in the music industry let alone change it. The Material Girl also known as Madonna has changed the industry forever. She is a singer, songwriter, actress, and even a businesswoman. She pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable and decent no only with her music but with her music videos and scene of style. She is known just as well for her image as she is for her music. She has even been referred to as the Queen of Pop by many music insiders.

Madonna came from a small town in Michigan before moving to New York City to find work as a theater dancer. She joined a pop group called Breakfast Club and then was offered a music contract on her own. In 1982 she signed a record deal with Sire Records. That same year she released her first record which was the start of her huge career. Some the songs she is well known for include Vogue, Like a Virgin, Papa Don’t Preach, and Frozen.

Madonna did not just stop when she was release hit records. Even though she sold over 300 million records she did not stop there. Being known as the best selling female artists of all time was not enough for Madonna. She decided to take her career even further by getting into acting. She was good at it too. She won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in the movie Evita. She founded Maverick entertainment and singed a number of well known artists. In 2007 she was able to sign a deal with Live Nation entertainment for an astonishing 120 million.

What first made people pay attention to Madonna was her single Like a Virgin. When is was released no one talked about this topic. Her dress also got people’s attention. Fishnet stocking, carpi pants, and lace tops got the attention of critics. Her performance on the music video awards also has people talking. The Virgin Tour was definitely a way to get the media to notice her. Over the years she made a number of other hit songs and even performed in a number of movies. She also released a book that was simply titled Sex. This book showed her in provocative poses and some of the content was even explicit.

While her sex appeal is what helped get Madonna to the top she has evolved into much more then this. Her personal life became very public. She married and had a daughter and even found spirituality. Madonna has even toned her act down that she was able to write a children’s book and have it accepted by their parents.

Many artists today still look up to Madonna. She took the world by storm with her music and her attitude. She was not afraid to push the limits and kept on finding ways to get people talking. Her sex appeal may have helped her become famous but it is her business scene and talent that helped make Madonna the icon that she is today.

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