Rihanna VS Beyoncé

There seems to be a rivalry brewing between these two stars, but not really because they have publicly called themselves rivals. It’s their fans that have made it very clear that they consider their favorite star to be the best one. In this article we are going to analyze their careers to see which of these two stars seems to shine the brightest.

Album sales

Yes, this is the one thing that all artists can easily be measured by, but the important thing to consider here is that while Rihanna has been able to sell plenty of records, Beyoncé has been number 1 five consecutive times with her releases. No one has been able to beat that up to this point. Beyoncé takes this round.


Both divas seem to be great when it comes to the kind of style that they have, but Rihanna seems to be coming up with the best and most amazing style changes that have actually started trends in the fashion world and we have to give this round to her. Beyoncé has style too, but Rihanna has a fresher look.

Charisma and Presence

Ok this is the tie breaker and unfortunately for Rihanna, Beyoncé takes this round too for a very simple reason. They are both very charismatic women and they have a strong presence, but Beyoncé works the stage and perform dance moves with a flair and style that no other pop artists can bring to the table, this is without a doubt the main reason why Beyoncé takes this one too. All you need to do is watch both of them live to see the difference.


These are both very courageous and powerful artists that have been giving plenty of great entertainment to the world. We hope to hear and see much more from both of them in the coming years.

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