The Caribbean Islands are a Must Visit

The Caribbean Islands are a must visit on the list of every tourist or traveler. People wish to visit these Islands, due to their vast natural beauty and the brilliant beach experience that they provide. These are those Islands which border the Caribbean.

These islands number in thousands and they form Island countries in the area defined as the Caribbean region. The most famous of these includes Cuba, Anguilla, and the islands of Bermuda, among many others. Many offer a spectacular nightlife as we shall see,


The nightlife at the Caribbean islands is legendary. The fact that these are isolated, make their appeal even greater. Since, these islands are famous tourists’ points, they offer a variety of services to maintain their desirability.


This island country is characterized by many hotels and resorts with a number of entertainment options for their guests. These include night time concerts of well known local bands at venues like the Veya, the Sammy’s Beach Bar, and the Elvis’ Beach Bar.


This island is for all partygoers as it features excellent dance clubs. Pubs, nightclubs, where the party never stops, cinemas for movie lovers, live music for the benefit of everyone, karaoke, and many festivals scheduled weekly to make sure that the guests have a good time


This I=island country is already famous for its role during the cold war, but it also has a lighter side. It has a lot of great features and events for the tourists. These include discos and cabarets, opera performances and dance performances. This Island country also features many outdoor Tropicana themed nightclubs, with the pioneer located in Havana, followed by Santiago de Cuba and the most recent one opened in Matanzas.


The Caribbean Islands are known for their exquisite cuisine and the brilliant beach dining experience that they provide. The guests at these islands are treated to various Beach cocktails along with delicious food to soothe their senses. The fact that almost every form of cuisine is found on these islands is a marvel in itself. The resorts and hotels are known to provide excellent food and various forms of liquor to wash it down with and enhance the taste.


The island country of Anguilla offers a great many attractions for the tourists which include art galleries, historical sites, and museums. The place is ideal for outdoor sports like tennis or golf and is equipped with brilliant spas to revitalize you soul and senses.

Bermuda offers the attraction of the Bermuda aquarium along with a zoo and a museum. The crystal caves of the location provide a great experience for tourists. Other tourist attractions include the Royal Naval Dockyard, the lighthouse of Gibbs’ hill, the town of St. George, and the Somerset Bridge.

Cuba is popular for many of its festivals like the Havana Carnival which is held annually in the month of November while in December tourists can enjoy film festivals and ballet, along with its popular jazz.

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