The Demands of the Pop Divas

There is no question that becoming a pop star can make your life completely different from the average person, but some pop star divas can let things get to their heads a little bit too much and this is exactly what this article is all about. We are going to be talking about the most ridiculous request that divas have had when they are out on tour.

We can begin this one with Jennifer Lopez and her demand for the hotel rooms that she stays in to be 100% white. That means white TV, white bed, white table, white sheets, white bathroom, etc. Then we have Ariana Grande who has instructed that photographers can only take shots from the left side of her face.

One of the biggest divas in the world is without a doubt Mariah Carey. She will usually have at least 10 bodyguards with her when she goes to a restaurant and they are all meant to stand there while she eats, protecting her from being seen while she eats. She also requests for humidifiers in her hotel room to make it seem like she is sleeping in conditions similar to a rainforest.

Another diva with crazy demands is Katy Perry, who mentions that anyone who drives her around is not allowed to ever look at her on the rearview mirror. They are also instructed not to ever talk to her or they will get fired.

These are just some of the many examples of the insane demands that some of these divas have. I guess it pays to be eccentric and this is something that their status allows them to do. It makes you wonder if everyone would behave the same way if they became superstars.

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