Top 10 Sports Persons Who Are Earning A Fortune With Their Game And Name

Constant training, practice and then making it all count on the field is what a sportsman live for. But with time and with commercialization, today’s sports persons are not only earning fame, but earning huge money too. Here is a list of top 10 sports persons, who have it all, from fame to money.

  • Kobe Bryant: This 5 times highest paid NBA player holds the number 10 spot with a combined on field and endorsement earning of about $48million. 17 times All Star and % times NBA champion has everything to be happy about
  • Tiger Woods: The ace golfer and once world’s richest sportsperson had been through a nightmarish time in his personal life that affected his game and image. But still with earnings of about $50 million Woods firmly holds the number 9 spot.
  • Phil Michelson: 42 PGA tour events, 5 Majors, 3 Masters, PGA and an Open championship winner with an impressive combined earnings of about $51 million, Phil is probably having the best time of his life. He holds the 8th
  • Kevin Durant: At 26, this Oklahoma City basketball player has bagged the richest endorsement deal for any active player i.e. of $300 million for a 10-years deal with Nike. Earning an impressive $54.1 million, Kevin is smiling at the 7th spot this year.
  • LeBron James: At number 6 is a 4 times most valuable player and the only player with 5 back to back NBA finals appearances, LeBron James, with earnings of $64.8 million with his on field stints and his endorsements from brands like Kia, McDonalds, Samsung, Coca-Cola, etc.
  • Roger Federer: At 33, this legendary tennis player with whopping 17 Grand Slam titles in his kitty earns $67 million and is at number 5. The Swiss tennis ace has bagged long term deals with Nike, Rolex, Mercedes Benz and is still going great.
  • Lionel Messi: With $73 million earning, this 27 years old football magician from Argentina has bagged the number 4 spot. Holding almost every record of most goals and Hat-tricks, Messi also holds high paying deals with Gillette, WeChat, Ooredoo and Samsung.
  • Christiano Ronaldo: An acronym of Messi as per his approach, Christiano is at number 3 with his earnings of $79.6 million. This 3 times FIFA best player of the year (besting Messi on all 3 occasions), has an impressive record on and off the field with goals and money.
  • Many Pacquiao: At number 2 is Philippine boxer Many Pacquiao with a huge $160 million earnings. His single bout with Floyd Mayweather earned him about $125 million. With his high paying bouts and endorsements, his financial future is bright as the sun.
  • Floyd Mayweather: Topping the list is the Ace boxer with a perfect win/loss record of 48-0 & winner of the epic bout with Many Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather. Retired this September, Floyd had an earning of a whopping $300 million.

Looking at the talent they have and the fame and money they earn, no wonder if every other kid wants to be one of them.

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