7 Golden Rules Of Understanding A True Travel Experience

Traveling makes you get out of your comfort zone and move into a territory that is unknown to you. That allows you to get some experiences that you never imagined, some new adventures, meeting and knowing new people, cultures, places and most of all, you get to know yourself more. But to have a true travel experience, there are seven points that one must try to act on.

  • Let your travel begin unplanned. No pre-decided destination and no planning of where to go and what to see. Just set off on the journey and let the nature surprise you. Find something beautiful? Sit and soak it in for as long as you want. Pack your bags and make the journey your destination.
  • A true traveler should try out what the roots of the place have to offer. For instance, one can ditch a high profile diner and can try out the roadside stalls, small eating joints and corners etc. These are the places where you get some real gossip with the taste of that place.
  • Wherever you go, try and get to know the locales and their cultures. They are the ones who know the place inside out, more that the tour guides or travel planners. Spend some time with them and you’ll get to know much more interesting tales and things which a planner won’t ever be able to.
  • Planning what place to see in advance makes you bound to those particular places only. So it is better to just head out and explore. See for yourself what else that place has to offer other than what a tour website shows. Just leave behind that comfort cushion of yours and move out. It is always said that the most beautiful places generally remain unexplored.
  • You are a traveler who is out for adventure, to live it and experience the thrill of it. So just leave the cameras aside, leave your social media friends and life aside and live that complete moment when you are out on the journey. Don’t click, just live it.
  • Don’t be in a hurry. Don’t plan seeing 10 places in a day. If you are finding some peace at one place, sit there and enjoy as long as you want. Just listen to what your heart feels at that place. Quality always is better than the quantity and a true traveler knows it.
  • People tend to book some real comfortable places, which are full of luxury, to stay. Such luxury won’t let you go out and explore. When you are traveling in a true sense, you better should be staying less in your accommodation and be out in the wild more. Experience it, because adventure always is out there.

Traveling is an adventure; don’t turn it into a picnic. Just go out and let the thrill of adventure soak in.

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