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Royalty Free Music is a term that can be heard a lot around the music areas and among those who are interested in buying music. It is a music, which the people, producers, artists or anyone else wishes to use in their videos, commercials, or for any other purpose. But generally there is a misconception about the Royalty Free Music that it is free music. Now we can understand that the presence of word “free” in term may be one of the reasons for such misconceptions. So, let us try to understand bit by bit, what Royalty Free music actually is. And let’s start it with understanding the term royalty:

What is Royalty?
For music, a Royalty is that amount which the original creator or artist of that music gets whenever his/her work gets a public performance or played in public. This is generally a small amount of money that which the people using their work publically are obliged to pay it to the artist. The artist gets every time the work is used and thus earns out of it.

But it sometimes gets a bit costly for the producers, especially the independent ones who need to add music as a background or in any other manner to their videos or commercials. For such instances, they opt for royalty free music.

What is Royalty Free Music? Why use it?
It’s a question whose answer creates so much confusion. So let us explain it in simple terms. A royalty free music is that piece of work for which the user does not have to pay the royalty to the artist if he is using his piece. That doesn’t mean that the music piece is free. It simply means that the only charge will be a onetime buying charge and the user won’t have to pay the royalty every time he plays that piece in public. If you read carefully above, “Royalty Fee” has to be paid every time the music is played publically, but for “Royalty Free Music” you don’t have to pay every time, but just one time when you buy it. So you once paid for the license, you can use it n number of times over and over without paying royalties for them.

To put it forward in simpler terms, a royalty free music is just like a tax free service. You pay for the service but not the tax; similarly, you pay for buying the music but not the royalty.

A few more things to know about royalty free music:

  • Royalty free music and stock music are two different entities, even though major chunk of royalty free music comes from stock libraries.
  • Royalty free music is still copyrighted and it cannot be taken as copyright free. It’s just that the creator allows it use by anyone without objection.
  • Royalty free music is not poor quality music as any music, good or bad, can be licensed as royalty free and it depends on the library where the music is chosen from.

The term and its details might seem confusing enough, but the bottom line is, a royalty free music is not FREE, it’s a music piece for which you make onetime payment and not the royalty. Keep it Simple!!!

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