A highly apart on the emotional level, the Aquarius – Pisces pair has a really bumpy ride in relationships until they manage to make a balance between their emotional ranges. While Aquarius is intellectual and radical, their Pisces partners are highly emotional, one of the most emotional sun signs of all. Though their level of emotional behaviour is pole apart, they both can complement each other extremely well to fill the gaps that their own nature leaves in their lives. Being an Air-Water sign pair, they will find things easy at the start but the things can easily go off the track if they aren’t ready to understand and make a few changes here and there in them.

So Let’s Have A Look At How Their Compatibility Stands:

Pisces are generally very emotional and tender natured personalities. On the other hand, Aquarians are more of free spirited ones. It’s a pair of one of the least and most emotional signs. So there might be chances that while Pisces may find the company of Aquarians well, the Aquarians may start feeling irritated and strangled along the way. The main reason for that could be differences in their approaches. While the Pisces are always loving, caring, and emotional and highly attached personalities who would do anything and everything for their partner, they also tend to get possessive, too much clingy, needy and fragile. While on the other hand, Aquarians are free spirited, radical, not so much emotional personalities who are kind but because of their nature, they might seem uncaring, aloof and detached. This is the exact opposite of what a Pisces expects from its partner.

Even their sex lives get affected with this. While Pisces are more of an emotionally attached sun sign, who likes to relate sex with emotions, feelings, attachments and romance, Aquarians look at it as an fun filled activity and not necessarily they’ll be very touchy feely about it. So things may get out of hands if the two sun signs are not able to get their feelings and nature in line with the others.

Aquarians are highly sharp, adventurous, intellectual and smart, and this may well be the thing that always attracts the Pisces. Pisces on the other hand are extremely loyal, caring, loving sun sign and that is exactly what a detached Aquarian would long for. An Aquarian can easily be the one who can take a Pisces along with him and let them out of emotions into a completely free world. A Pisces on the other hand can make the Aquarian to have a time and look into them to find within, who they really are.

To Conclude:

The compatibility between the two signs is extremely good in a short run. They both will share the caring, kindness and their similarities of interests. But with time, things will get a little out of hands due to the extreme differences in their approach towards feelings and life. While it may seem difficult for this pair to get along in a highly compatible manner, a little effort on part of both to understand one another and try to establish an emotional balance, can very well lead them to have a highly prosperous future.

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