The Amazing “Malta”!

There are many places which are a treat to the sore eyes, but then there are a few which one must visit at least once in their lives to live an experience of a lifetime. Malta is one such destination where one would definitely love to go once. Packing a vast variety of cultures, heritage, activities, cuisine etc. this small island is one hell of a place to visit in vacations.

A Mix of Diverse Aspects:
Malta is a perfect example for a beautiful result of cultural mix. Mainly Roman Catholic, Malta also has a charming mix of many other cultures which mixed and grew here over many years. Situated 80 km south of Sicily, the Sicilian impact on their majority of things is evident. Their food is a mix of Sicilian and Middle Eastern flavors with their local ingredients. The island showcases highly advanced areas as well as places which may give you feel of a time long gone.

Amazing Cuisine & Soulful Music:
The Maltese cuisine is a fine example of mixing the eastern and Sicilian influences with their local additions and creating something which one would even lick off their plates. Their cuisine has Sicilian, Spanish and Provencal effects. Adding to it their local ingredients, they create a feast. The most significant and historically important is their traditional dish Fenkata, which is a sort of stewed or fried rabbit. Kinni, A drink made from a mix of oranges and aromatic herbs, is the most popular Maltese beverage.

Maltese music has a huge western influence over it. But if you listen to their traditional music, it is something completely different and soothing. The lyrics, though, are a sort of musical argument between the men singing it, but with their traditional guitar being played in background, creates a very different atmosphere.

Why Visit Malta?
In addition to the too-good cuisine and music, Malta has every other thing that would make anyone to keep it in top of their must-see places list. Surrounded with clear blue water, the island provides heavenly views of the sea-shore and with rocky limestone cliffs; the view gets varied and provides more charm to the place. Since it is an island, there are so many options for water sports and other activities. You may take a boat trip to capture the abundant natural beauty of this beautiful place. You may also take yachts, speedboats or may get a local taste with their traditional crafts. It is a heaven for divers as there is so much to view underwater as much as it is above it.

Away from the seashore, there are cliff-top views to be explored if you look to do something different. Hidden bays and prehistoric temples are among the Maltese attractions. Ranging from a miniature to a mammoth in size and standing tall over thousands of years, the temples are the perfect example of extremely high quality art. There are many dock-side restaurants and relaxing stays in Gozo and Comino.

The weather of Malta is considered to be the best for living and the Maltese people are as good as the weather. They’ll be there for your help to the maximum extent possible. With so many things and such amazing natural views packed within kilometers, Malta can really be a perfect holiday destination.

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