The Most Adventurous Bike Ride Roads

Open Roads or Snaky curves, riding up the mountains or cruising the road at the shoreline, there are many such roads worldwide which can be called as biker’s paradise. Adventure biking has become a craze these days and every biker likes to let that wind breeze past his neck and keep moving ahead towards the unknown. Now there are many such roads and places where bikers may find this experience in a beautiful way but there are few places which takes this experience to a whole new level. Here are a few such routes for the bikers:

  • Cape Town, South Africa:
    South Africa is a wild ride and the loop of about 1600 km starting from and ending at Cape Town is like a dream come true for the bikers. Incredible roads make the biking smooth and the natural beauty and an accommodating weather makes it a perfect route to ride out. The whole loop goes through some really majestic views and places. Then whether it is Addo National Park where the photography enthusiast riders can get some unbelievable clicks, or the Little Maroo Mountains which provides scenery worth watching, the whole loop is what a biker would love to cover up.
  • Pyrenees Loop:
    For the European bikers, this is the must cover route. The loop that extends over 2400 km provides some really heavenly views and tight hairpins that will keep the hair behind the biker’s neck raised always. The bikers starts off from Bilbao riding down the snaky curves, then move across the Mediterranean coastline straight before passing through the narrow mountain roads and bends, that may bring your heart in your mouth at times, ending the whole journey at Biarritz. No biker could ever resist riding the loop again once been through it.
  • Morocco loop – Ceuta to Marrakesh:
    Love the cultural heritage, hustle bustle and ancient castles? The Morocco loop is a route that leads the riders through the Moroccan history. The 2500 km long route lets the riders go through a diverse landscapes and cultures. This route has everything that a rider would like to go through, hills, coastline, and snow covered mountains (in winters) and hitting the desert cultures. The road passes through the Bazaars and old ruins to let riders have a taste to their cultural heritage.
  • Yorkshire Ride, England:
    For the bikers who love to go on a short adventurous route, the Dales and Moors at Yorkshire can be the perfect place. This 440 km long route consist almost everything in it. Straight on roads, continuous curves, wilderness and hills with small towns, everything a biker needs are here on this route. No one would like to miss it if they are in England.
  • Fjorland, Norway:
    Another biking paradise for the short route lovers is in the land of Vikings. The 450 km long route leads the bikers through zigzags, tough climb-ups and world’s longest and deepest fjord. The route that starts from Bergen and ends at Andalsness has everything an adventure biking lover would hope to receive.
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