Top-10 Leonardo Dicaprio Hits That Rained Money At Box Office

With more than a billion dollars worth of hits at box office, multiple academy award nominations and a number of characters which he made alive with his amazing acting skills, Leonardo DiCaprio has made a mark of his own at the silver screen. Let’s have a look at 10 of his best movies:

10. Gangs Of New York (2002): This American Fiction historical drama was highly acclaimed critically. Characterized as Amsterdam Vallon, DiCaprio made a high impact. The movie won nomination for Academy awards for best picture. Earnings -$77,812,000

9. The Aviator (2004): This biopic was based on the life of Howard Hughes, an aviator and renowned director, played by DiCaprio. The movie was well acclaimed and went on to win 5 Oscar awards and BAFTA award for best film. DiCaprio got rave critical reviews for his acting. Earnings – $102,610,330

8. The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013): Jordan Belfort’s character could not have been played better by anyone that DiCaprio. This black comedy movie was one of his best. Dicaprio won Golden Globe award – best actor and was nominated for Academy and BAFTA awards for the same category. Earnings – $116,900,694

7. Shutter Island (2010): Director Martin Scorsese and Dicaprio created magic with neo-nior psychological thriller. DiCaprio gave an outstanding performance as Andrew Laeddis and some consider it as his best work. The movie and DiCaprio both won numerous award nominations. Earnings- $128,012,934

6. The Departed (2006): One more masterpiece from Scorsese and DiCaprio duo, this America crime drama went on to win 4 Oscar awards. For his stellar performance as undercover cop, Dicaprio won the nomination for best actor at Golden Globe Awards. Earnings – $132,384,315

5. The Great Gatsby (2013): Based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel “The Great Gatsby”, this romantic drama film got warm feedbacks all around for the performances, especially DiCaprio, who played the lead role and won AACTA award for best actor. Many critics suggested that out of the current crop of actors, only DiCaprio could have played Gatsby. Earnings – $144,840,419

4. Django Unchained (2012): An American Western classic by Tarantino showed DiCaprio’s acting skills as a villain “Calvin Candy”, who was still likeable. DiCaprio’s performance got praised by critics and was adjudged as the best supporting actor by “National Board of Review”. Earnings – $162,805,434

3. Catch Me If You Can (2002): Steven Spielberg and DiCaprio along with Tom Hanks created a masterpiece biographical on the life of “Frank Abagnale”, played by the young DiCaprio. His acting was again at its best and won him a Golden Globe nomination for best Actor in a Motion Picture-Drama. Earnings – $164,615,351

2. Inception (2010): DiCaprio can do justice to the most difficult of the roles and that’s why he was the first actor be cast by Christopher Nolan for his Science-fiction-thriller. As unique the movie was, so grand was its success. Very high critical ratings for the movie and DiCaprio for his acting were well justified. Earnings – $292,576,192

1. Titanic (1997): James Cameron had a firm belief on young DiCaprio’s acting skills and he proved him right with a stellar performance in arguably his best-known role and got nominated for Golden Globe best actor award. Jack Dawson was the character that still stays afresh in everyone’s mind. Earnings – $658,672,302

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