Top – 10 Longest Reigning No.1 Albums

There have been numerous Hits by the greats of music industry. But there were a few that were loved by all and remained at the top for many-many days. Here is the list of top-10 such tracks/albums:

  1. Hawaii – Elvis Presley (1961)
    Blue Hawaii was the record breaking album of Elvis Presley. It’s soundtrack with the same name and Elvis Presley as the lead vocals, topped the charts in U.S for 20 consecutive weeks and got nominated for the Grammy Awards.
  1. Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt’em (1990)
    Winning two Grammy Awards for the track, MC Hammer’s “Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt’Em” became a sensational hit released in year 1990. It remained at the top spot for 21 weeks continuously.
  1. Saturday Night Fever – The Original Movie Soundtrack (1978)
    Ruling the chartbusters top 10 list for 24 consecutive weeks was the original title soundtrack from the John Travolta starrer “Saturday Night Fever”. A sensational dance album as it turned out to be; the track got rave reviews worldwide and personified the phenomenon of Disco.
  1. Purple Rain – Prince and The Revolution
    Another 24 weeks top spot reigning album was of Prince and The Revolution, for the movie that was released in 1984. It has been highly reviewed by the critics worldwide and is considered as one of the best albums of all times.
  1. 21 – Adele (2011)
    “21” was the magical collection of songs from the heavenly voice of Adele. The album title depicted Adele’s age at the time of its release. It topped the U.S charts for 24 weeks straight, which was the longest for any album since 1985. It also went on to win the Grammy Award for the Album of The Year.
  1. Calypso – Harry Belafonte (1956)
    “Calypso” stayed at number one spot on the Billboard top pop albums chart, for 31 weeks on the trot. Third album from Harry Belafonte hugely benefitted from its track “Day-O” that reached number five on Billboard charts. Selling over a million copies, it was the first ever long play album to do so.
  1. South Pacific –Soundtrack (1958)
    Another 31 weeks top spot holder was the record breaking sound track “South Pacific. It was a huge success with being a topper for 70 consecutive weeks in U.K and in top-5 for 214 weeks. The soundtrack was hugely liked by the people in UK and U.S and became a milestone for the other tracks over the coming years.
  1. Rumors – Fleetwood Mac (1976)
    Rock band “Fleetwood Mac’s” album went on to create history. It topped the charts for 31 consecutive weeks and went on to be the band’s grandest success. Selling over 40million copies worldwide it became a huge commercial success. Its quality of songs was highly reviewed and went on to win Grammy Award for best music album of the year.
  1. Thriller – Michael Jackson (1983)
    The legendary pop-king Michael Jackson’s album became an overnight success worldwide. It remained at the top for a whopping 37 weeks period continuously. It’s still the best selling album of all times. Along with the jaw-dropping commercial success, it created records at Grammy with winning 8 Grammy Awards.
  1. West Side Story (1962)
    The all time longest reigning number one album is the soundtrack of the movie “West Side Story” topped the Billboard’s charts for an unconquered time period of 54 weeks consecutively. It won a Grammy Award for the Best Album of the year and its longest run is still a record to be broken.
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