Top 10 Songs To Make Love To

There are songs that make you go all romantic, and then there are a few which adds oil to flame of passion and elevates the sensuousness of the act of love. Here is the list of 10 such songs which can make the mood of the people in love:

  • Open – Rhye
    “Open” from Rhye’s Debut Album “Woman” is a calming yet sensual track that lets one explore all the sensual feelings related with making love. “I’m a fool for that shake in your thighs; I’m a fool for the sound in your voice”. Do we need to say more?
  • Future sex – Timberlake
    “See everybody says you’re hot baby, but can you make it hot for me?” Lyrics that’ll say out your intentions and a music that’ll make them much more clear. Future Sex, from Timberlake, is one of those songs which will make things in bed very steamy. So next time you want to start, start off with this track.
  • Kisses down low – Kelly Rowland
    A saucy number from Kelly Rowland is another addition to her “Bedroom Songs” and one more song that you might like to play while getting close to your loved one. Percussive beats, mystic music, Kelly Rowland’s’ vocals and some really “Tips for men” lyrics is definitely going to heat things up a little with a beats to move on.
  • Young and beautiful – Lana Del Ray
    This track with a haunting and serious mood and slow tempo blended with the emotive and passionate tunes and Del Ray’s sultry voice makes a true seductive track for the ones making love. So turn it on with “Young and Beautiful”.
  • I’ve been thinking – Feat Cat power
    This highly sexy “Rap and Hip-Hop” genre hit is a kind of classy lounge musical with calming but sultry female vocals. Cat Power’s voice makes this song more sensual along with the lyrics. There is no doubt that once played, this song with its sexy music and erotic vocals will make sure to make the love making get more intense.
  • Inside my love – Minnie Riperton :
    One the most sexiest hits of Minnie Riperton is an old soul musical journey that has highly sensual musical notes and romantically erotic lyrics, which makes it a must have song in the list of songs to make love to. Just tune in to it and you’ll find the passion building in you with each note being played.
  • Let’s Get In On – Marvin Gaye
    This sensual song about the act of love from Marvin represents human’s basic desire for pleasure. The soulful music, his voice and the sensuous mood that this song creates is what makes this song a must-play song while getting close.
  • Doin’ it right – Daft Punk, Panda Bear
    A mash-up of Draft punk and Panda Bear song brings on the high pitched vocals and beats that will elevate the room temperature and passion building. The lyrics, music and mechanics of the song make it an ecstatic one to be played.
  • Indo – Cassie
    The angelic voice of Cassie and Producer Solange’s lyrics and tunes has made this track something to latch on to. Beautifully sung with a sensual note to it, this song is perfect for the couple who like to cuddle up.
  • Adore You – Miley Cyrus
    This love song from Miley Cyrus has a somber mood to it which doesn’t really relate to her other hits. But this one makes the feeling rise with her changing notes and violin string playing romantically. One song that makes it happen.
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