Top 10 Unusual Destinations

The popular and mainstream tourist destinations are always occupied with tourists from all across the world. But for those who are looking to visit something different and unusual, there are some other beautiful destinations which they should visit at least once in their lives. Here is a list of ten such unusual destinations worth a visit:

  • Icehotel, Jukkasjavri, Sweden: This icy cold ice hotel stays open during winters only, but provides an unforgettable experience. With almost everything made of ice, guests sleep on ice beds, pray in ice church, sit in ice main hall and drink in ice bars.
  • Los Pozas, Mexico: The extremely dreamy garden of surreal art created by Late Edward James is located on a 100 acre hillside. Half completed, this garden is a striking work of art. House with no walls and staircase leading nowhere makes the view majestic.
  • Pancake Rocks, New Zealand: Pancake rocks are completely made from the layers of limestone and sandstone which creates an amazing view. With over the period of 30 million years, the soft sandstone broke up and the resulting rocks took shapes resembling pancakes. A view, that’s worth a visit.
  • Mont St. Michel, France: The beautiful island has a historic Gothic Abbey where prisoners were kept during French revolution. The tides here create a heavenly scene as it gets surrounded completely with water and land with each rising and receding tides
  • Lycian Tombs, Greece: The masterpiece of stonemasonry by Lycian people is still evident at Lycian tombs in Greece which now has become a must visit place for the people looking for something different. Originally created as sacred funeral places, these remaining 85 tombs are the remains of original Lycian art.
  • Awachi Fuji Gardens, Japan: For a colorful walk between beautiful flowers and trees, visit Awachi Fuji Gardens in Japan. With about 150 Wisteria Flowering plants of 20 different species and 6 different colors blossoming across the area, these gardens provide so much peace as no other popular destination can ever provide.
  • Sichuan China: The Giant Buddha of 233 feet, made in 8th century is the largest known Buddha image worldwide. In addition, it is a place to see world’s most number of pandas and raw natural beauty.
  • Hobbit Village, New Zealand: Remember the Shire village of famous movie “The Hobbit”? This is the movie set which has become a must-see tourist attraction now. At tow-hour drive from Auckland, this whole village has 44 hobbit holes surrounded by beautiful gardens. As in the movie, the village is an eye pleasing view for every visitor who visits it.
  • Glass Beach, California: This beautiful beach in California gets in the list of unusual destinations because of the large quantities of sea glass that can be easily found along it. The setting sun’s red rays when reflects through these sea glasses, the majestic view that appears make it a place must visit.
  • Seven Falls, Colorado: Falling from a staggering height of 181 feet, the series of seven cascading falls creates a view that is a scenic wonder in itself. With the adjacently built 224 stairs, the visitors can experience the view, falls and their beauty up close from top to bottom. Eagle’s nest view is also available at top of stairs.
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