Celebrities Practicing Open Relationships

Relationships have really been an interesting aspect of everyone’s life. People look at it in different ways. So do the celebrities. Well, there are a few celebrities who choose to be together without any restrictions of not choosing someone other than each other too. Simply put, they practice an open relationship. Let’s have a look at a few such celebrity couples:

  • Will Smith – Jada Pinkett Smith: The beautiful couple of Will and Jada puts forward a great example of being in an open relationship successfully. Married for 18 years, they both have given each other freedom to choose anyone they want to be with outside marriage, but they choose not to use this freedom. As Jada was quoted saying, “Relationship is based on trust. I am not his watcher. Will is a man of integrity so as long he is able to look himself in the mirror and be okay, I’m good”. This is a fine example of a beautiful open relationship.
  • Brad Pitt – Angelina Jolie: Another star celebrity couple who have been practicing an open relationship in a beautiful manner. They believe that just because there is a freedom given, it doesn’t mean you have to use it. Angelina has been openly saying that their relationship does not mean restrictions and holding each other back. Having an open approach towards their relationship, however, has not hampered their loyalty and have continuously keep being one of the most incredible couples of Hollywood.
  • Mo’Nique – Sidney Hicks: Well, this couple presents a new and seemingly sought after definition of being in an open relationship. The long time friends are in an open relationship but Mo’Nique chooses not to use it. This is how it works for them, Sidney can and does sex outside marriage. Mo’Nique on the other hand, can, but chooses not to. She says that they have been friends for 25 years and know each other very well and who they are. Well, as long as they are happy with this, it is great, isn’t it?
  • Megan Fox – Brian Austin Green: Another celebrity couple that is going great with their open relationship arrangements. The only thing is that here, Megan is the one who can and does have something outside their marriage while Brian chooses not to. They both know each other well and understanding is great, so whatever may happen, they are together with their two baby kids. A relationship built on understanding and well, a really good one, is going great.
  • Ashton Kutcher – Demi Moore: The Ashton-Demi couple was also in an open relationship till they were married for 8 years before splitting up. As open as they were, they were involved in quite a few threesomes with the third one being a girl, chosen by Demi. Things were going smooth for them as they were doing great with this working rule of theirs, until Ashton got involved with someone other than Demi, without her knowing that. Things fell apart and they separated. But as long as they were together, they were great.
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