This sun sign pair has all the capabilities of surprising everyone. Reason? This pair is considered to be a not-so-good sun sign pair, but with their mulish nature, they generally do end up with each other successfully. What makes this pair more interesting, and difficult at the same time, is the difference of interests and approaches of both of them. While Leo is luxury loving, emotional, and outgoing; the Capricorn, on the other hand is mostly constrained, aloof and preferring some savings time to time. Still, they can work together somehow. That is the interesting thing!

So Let’s Have A Look At How Their Compatibility Stands:

The sun sign Leo is always the one who loves to be in limelight and generally freedom loving. Capricorn, on the other hand, is mostly reserved and prefers a calm surrounding. So when the Leo would be going out to be the life of the party, the Capricorn would be trying to avoid the rush and stay away. This difference in their approaches towards life does create issues and signs for a poor compatibility but at the same time, their differences allow them to fill up the missing pieces from each other’s lives. Isn’t it complex? That’s what this pair is all about.

Sex is something that unites these two, otherwise different, sun signs. Both of these signs look at sex as a light and playful activity. Both tend to enjoy the emotions without minding some experimentation every now and then. So whenever their relationship starts getting off track, sex is something that will play a major role in bringing them back to give it one more try.

Leos are considered to be one of the most fascinating and energetic sun signs while Capricorns are the most patient ones with high intelligence. Now these differences too point towards the incompatibility between them as Leo would love to explore and take risks without thinking much, the Capricorn will be more stable and would like to analyze every aspect before taking on a step. This, sometime, make them appear as dull natured. But if both signs try to look at from a different angle, a Leo can add some fun to a Capricorn’s “boring” life and a Capricorn can control the Leo’s “doing-without-thinking” approach, which can lead to a successful relationship.

To Conclude:

The combination of this Earth-Fire sign is a real complex one. Appearing incompatible on first look, both of them have a potential to make it work, if only they can understand each other’s weaknesses and strengths and work accordingly. Sex will play a major role in their relationship and so will their loyalty towards each other. A combination of a hard-worker and a charisma, a patient soul and a risk taker, a reserved one and a life of a party is somewhat odd but if they try to work it out, it may turn out to be best.

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