Top 10 Five Star Restaurants in Paris

Paris is the place of love, romance and of course, food. The culinary hub is filled with a large number of restaurants offering the best food and services that you can’t find anywhere else. So here is the list of top restaurants in Paris that one must give a visit to:

  • L’Arpege: L’Arpege is an elegantly designed and working restaurant where, if you can afford, you should definitely try dining someday. The amazing interiors with delicately cooked amazing food are the USP of it. Starters, Main Course and desserts, everything is worth the price and comes with a high quality service.
  • Park Hyatt Paris – Vendome: This five star hotel’s restaurant is one of the best places to dine in. Incredibly designed interiors and with cuisine prepared by the best of the chefs, the restaurant offers the best services. Add to it the fine wine collection that it has and impeccable service, the perfect dine in experience is ready.
  • Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee: If some restaurant has to be ranked on the basis of the interiors only, this one would top any list. A glimpse to the amazing interiors is the dining room ceiling that is decorated with ten thousand shining crystals. Cuisine levels up to the lavish establishment and service surpasses both.
  • Pierre Gagnaire: Again a restaurant to visit if one can afford a bit costly food. But if you can, this won’t disappoint you. A wide variety of cuisine with three-course menu or a la carte, always ends up making people eat more than they planned to. The restaurant is especially famous for the variety in its delicious desserts.
  • Lasserre: The restaurant with a great historical background and highly delicious cuisine, Lasserre is one must visit restaurant in Paris. Highly elegant design and service that offers superbly cooked food and desserts to drool over makes this restaurant one of the best places to dine at.
  • Senderens: Famous for its star trek interiors, delicious food and a combination of classical whiskeys and wine, Senderens makes its place among the top restaurants in Paris. The expertly created combinations of cuisine with selected wine of whiskey are the specialties of this place for which people love to visit it.
  • Antonie: This restaurant can be included in the list even if it has to be done on the basis of views it offers only. Eating deliciously cooked cuisine and exotic dishes with selected wine and chocolate desserts with Eiffel tower in the background, especially at night when it stands tall shining bright, is an experience worth spending the money here.
  • Le Meurice: The classic Parisian Restaurant offering the best of the cuisines around in an astonishing and elegant atmosphere. Apart from the grand looks and appearance, its services and hospitality are famous to be impeccable and warm enough to make all their customers feel at home.
  • Epicure: The Epicure restaurant is a hub for classic French cuisine prepared by the specialist Eric Frechon. Known for the best smoked oysters and green tea bullions, the restaurant is also famous for the standards of services that it offers.
  • Ledoyen: Established way back in 1779, this restaurant is now famous for its old heritage and modern cuisine with the high quality of services. Known for the distinct architectural work done here, the restaurant is also a diner’s paradise as for the variety of modern and classic French food and beverages that they offer. A must visit.
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