Coding, the job skill of the future!

Computers have become an integral part of our day to day lives. Various software, programs, games and apps are something that we use as frequently as we eat or drink. What make them so much interesting and useful for almost our every activity is the coding and the logic behind it.

There is so much use of such programs and coding that everything that a computer or systems like it do is the result of an expertly coded program that runs it. With such high demand, the requirement of programmers and coders has also become very high. And with each day, the demand is going to rise eventually. So coding has become something that is very important today and most probably be the essential job skill of future.

Let’s discuss the need in a bit detail –
Coding enables writing instructions for computer that then direct it and tell it what to do and how to do it. Now, the emergence of Digital era is changing the way work is being carried out all around the globe. Computers and Smartphone are being used everywhere. But without a proper coding, these devices are completely useless. Every single aspect of almost every business needs coding to use such software, app and programs. The Emails you send, online shopping and every other day to day life activity involving a computer and the systems constituting the whole process has been made possible because of the code and logic behind the whole program. And a coder knows how to do all that. One who knows coding, knows how to make software, programs and apps for Smartphone, computers, create websites, software and much more.

What Leaders Think?
Looking at the digital needs of today, it is not difficult to imagine what more the digital era can gain and how much its importance will rise with each passing year. Realizing the same fact may be, the Entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates have been a strong supporters and promoters of making coding an essential learning skill. The Hour Of Code is an example of the realization of “learning to code” need of future by famous Entrepreneurs like mentioned above and even President Barak Obama. The programming skills are becoming the core of education day by day as the requirement of programmers is getting higher and higher.

Future Job Aspects –
Learning to Code creates a huge number of future possibilities. With every business getting online; every work being done with the help of devices like laptops, tablets and Smartphone; with apps becoming a must have thing for every business; shopping, gaming, chatting, social media, websites and every single aspect of our lives getting influenced by the digitization, it is not a wonder that programmers and coders are so much in demand in every sector of every industry. And knowing that the digital era is still young and has a long way to go, it is not hard to imagine how much the requirement of expert coders and programmers will be increase. So, learn coding today because it is indeed a job skill of future.

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