A very sensible, dependable and mostly a great relationship is what these two sun signs end up with. While the Virgo is a bit restless in nature with meticulous mind and a heart full of love, the Taurus is much dependable, cautious and sensible. What this all means that they complement each other very well and generally are great friends before turning into lovers. The pair is not a high-ride one but it is the one that believes in a smooth-sailing for a long period of time. The only possible cause of differences is the stable and stuck up nature of Taurus which is completely opposite to outgoing and experimenting Virgo.

So Let’s Have A Look At How Their Compatibility Stands:

The compatibility of Taurus-Virgo pair is generally of a more sensible nature that lasts for a life time. It may look like an old-fashioned love and romance type but beneath all this is their humorous and fun filled moments which can generally be attributed to the dynamic and outgoing Virgo. Taurus is more of a serious partner who believes in stability and patience. Solid as a rock, a Taurus partner will always be into sensible thoughts and actions. Virgo, though sharing somewhat similar traits, often tend to go out of the box ending up with either something big or something stupid. But this whole cycle makes them perfect as Taurus is the speed breaker for Virgos fast paced actions and Virgo is the accelerator for stuck up life of a Taurus.

But when we talk about Taurus-Virgo sex life, it’s the Taurus that breaks the shackles for Virgo. Taurus generally takes sex seriously and love to enjoy it with all emotions. Virgo, on the other hand, is shy at start and needs to be made comfortable and that’s where a sensual Taurus does its trick. And once the shackles go off, Virgo shows how erotic they can be and thus the pair ends up with a wonderful bond of love.

Generally, both the Earth signs are honest about everything between them which makes things go smooth all the time. Highly practical and ensuring a proper security, the pair generally lives a financially comfortable life. Both signs are normally serious and if someone doesn’t try to add humor into it, then is the only time when the compatibility may go off the track as things start seeming dull.

To Conclude:

Seeing this earth sign pair together is just like seeing an elderly couple together who have been with each other for long. Quiet, Sensible and at peace. The pair is meant for a long haul. So it won’t seem dynamic at surface but in reality, they can have the best understanding, friendship and a long lasting relationship without any emotional drama and stress. Only thing needed is a little humor every now and then.

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