Top 10 – World’s Most Expensive Luxurious Spas

Spa is the first thing that comes in mind when we all think about beauty treatment, wellness and rejuvenation. Though there are many spas all around but there are a few where one get the best of all, exotic and specialized treatments in the most luxurious ways. Costly as hell they might be but the luxurious treatment seems worth the price. Here is the list of world’s top most luxurious and expensive spas.

  • Soneva Kiri (Thailand): This luxurious spa resort is an expert at various sensual treatments like silk facials, Thai mud baths, herbal baths, Ayurvedic treatments and much more. Providing treepod dining, coastline views and with gourmet delights; it is an expensive but worth visit place for everyone.
  • Clinique La Prairie (Switzerland): One of the best medical spas in Switzerland can be as costly as over $33000, it offers radiology, aging and weight management, sleep centers and much more in a highly luxurious and effective manner. It is a place worth visiting despite the costs.
  • Antara Palace Wellness Destination Spa: Providing exclusive spa treatments with its own boutique and made-up through the Neo-Classical architecture of ancient Greece, Antara Palace welcomes people in a grand style. Stress management, yoga and meditation, organic holistic treatments and digestive health and relaxation are some of the top-class treatments one can get here.
  • The Alpina Gstaad (Switzerland): Another Swiss Spa featuring this list is this 5 star spa and wellness hotel. With a wide selection of more than 60 treatments, it also offers skiing whole year. Having floatation, oriental or salt rooms, the spa is one of the best luxury spas to visit.
  • Peter Island’s Spa (Britain): Sitting royally on an island, the spa has 12 rooms fitted with private Jacuzzi, steam room and swimming pool. A combination of ancient and modern treatments, the spa has all the ingredients of making it a top class and expensive spa where one would love to go.
  • Ananda (India): This luxurious spa has dedicated areas for Ayurveda, Oriental and Western Spa therapies and more than 80 body and beauty treatments. One more spa that offers hydrotherapy foot treatment, heated lap pool, yogic detox and many more exotic treatments.
  • Karkloof Safari Spa (South Africa): Providing natural treatment in 17 luxurious treatment rooms, the largest luxury spa of Africa offers hydrotherapy and other exotic natural treatments in midst of a private guide African Safari.
  • The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat (Malaysia): Get the benefits of 40 healing treatments in nature’s lap at this luxurious but expensive spa. Therapies like Reiki and chakra energy balancing are accompanied by hot springs, ice bath, dipping pools, and meditation cave.
  • Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa (Dubai): Set in a serene environment, it offers various holistic traditional Middle Eastern and East Asian treatments. Specializing in Aromatherapy and especially in exotic Rasoul treatment, the spa offers unforgettable experience, though at a budget breaking price.
  • Blue & Green (Potugal): Grand is the word that describes this spa most accurately. Based on “Five Continents and five senses” theme, it has a wide range of spa treatments along with fitness center, hair studio and an indoor treatment pool. It’s a treat for the sore eyes.
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