Top Ten U.S. Party Clubs

If you are a club kid, this list of the Top Ten Party Clubs to meet people in the United States, is for you. Because, if you find yourself traveling the great wide countryside, you are going to want to know where to stop for some friendly smiles.

Marquee – Las Vegas, NV
Located in the party capital of the United States, Marquee offers fun, frivolity, bright lights and great beats. If you want to dance, drink and party until dawn, Marquee is the place to be. Get yourself to the Cosmopolitan Hotel and pay your cover fee to dance the night away in this club, you’ll be glad you did.

Board Room – Chicago, IL
Outlandish and swanky beyond measure, Chicago’s Board Room may give Vegas something to live up to. Featuring guests like Zac Efron and DJ’s galore, Board Room will offer a certain sort of friendly local, but if you want decadence, wealth, and glamour all in one space, this tiny bar is just the place to entertain friends.

Cielo – New York, NY
Known as a hot-spot for just about everything, New York city also provides a great visiting place in Cielo. A nightclub with great sound and good DJ’s, this is the place to dance the night away with friends new and old.

Story – Miami, FL
If you want to dance in a city that doesn’t understand the idea of closing times, Miami is the place to be. Hit up Story and give yourself and some new friends, a night of lights and music to never forget!

Pacha – New York, NY
Pacha is the night club to end all clubs, so do yourself a favor and explore the raver scene. A great way to meet people is dancing your cares away, and Pacha provides the most fun way to do so on the east coast.

XS – Las Vegas, NV
XS highlights Vegas’ reputation for excess, so make sure you have some dollars to spend to wow the locals at this hotspot. Located in the Wyn hotel, this club boasts pools, and all of the beautiful people, so you know its not one to miss!

U Street Music Hall – Washington D.C.
DC’s U Street Music Hall is a DJ-owned club, meaning the music you hear here will take your breath away. Easily the most bang for your buck for music in the United States dance scene.

The Avalon – Los Angeles, CA
A well-known hotspot, you’ll be sure to meet locals and tourists alike at The Avalon. Bring your wallet, the drinks are pricey, but with an after-hours spot in the same location, you’ll never have to leave!

Webster Hall – New York, NY
At 126-years old, this building has stood the test of time, and boy has its music ever come out on top! Embracing variety, the shows, DJs, sounds and music that come out of this joint always leave the audience guessing, so come by to dance with the best New York has to offer!

Beta Nightclub – Denver, CO
Having recently been named the best club in the country, Beta is a good reason to make your way to Denver the next time you’re stateside. WIth innovative DJ’s and music choices, this club is not one to miss.

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