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France tops the list of almost every tourist in the world. Everybody who is anybody wants to visit this country at some point in time. According to statistics almost 84.7 million people visited France in 2013. This figure makes it one of the most popular places to visit in the world.

France enjoys this importance due to its rich heritage and tourists attractions. Some people visit it for the fashion trends, while others visit it for its beauty and its romantic nature. The country has attractions for everybody and this article seeks to explore some of them.


France is filled with places to visit, with each city offering unique and one of a kind experience. Similarly, the nightlife of France is unique and has a customized French touch to it.  There is the Moulin Rouge in Paris which offers an amazing experience. Its famous windmill serves to attract tourists towards this legendary Cabaret. Its features around 60 girls, known as the Doriss Girls, which is the name for the Moulin Rouge dancers who come dressed in their feathery costumes.

Then there is the Lyon nightlife with its districts like Croix Rousse, the banks of Saône and the Presqu’île, which feature a large variety of bars and pubs offering Irish, Latino, English and the more traditional bars of Lyon.


France is laden with places of immense historical significance and value, which makes it difficult to choose as all of them are worth visiting. Listed below are some places which are a must visit.

Space City

The attractions of this place include

  • 53m-high Ariane 5 rocket
  • Soyuz spacecraft
  • MIR Space Station, which is made exactly like the famed Russian space station, was used for ground testing
  • Imax, is a large screen which is almost six storeys high. It displays films, that are made in space
  • A planetarium, which is equipped with a 360° vaulted screen,
  • Stellarium, which shows stimulations which are astronomical in nature.

Other places of interest include the Futuroscope, Asterix Park, Vulcania and many more which form the essence of France.


The French love to add flavor to their cuisine. France is particularly famous for its cheese and wine. Listed below are some of the best varieties of cheese and wine:


One of the most savored forms of cheese comes from the highlands of Auvergne. This form of cheese is known as Salers and its distinguishing features include its thick body and its unique flavor which combines the lactic taste of cheese with the flavors of spice and fruit.

Brie de Meaux

This form of cheese is known for its grand and majestic nature and is said to be fit for kings. It is made using the raw milk of a cow and is very soft. It looks like a fat cylinder having a diameter which varies from 35 to 37cm and has a thickness of around 2.5cm, with  fat content of 45%.

Beaujolais nouveau

The world awaits the arrival of Beaujolais nouveau every year, as it is a wine like no other. Wine lovers throughout the world are attracted to its brilliant red color and its amazing aroma. Every year the Beaujolais is different in terms of smell, palate, and appearance.

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