7 Celebrities Who Turned Vegan

Veganism is becoming more popular among the mainstream celebrities. Whether it is them being sensitive towards meat of dairy or it is their support against animal cruelty, they all have different reasons for being a vegan but one thing which all of them say in unison is that they all have felt much happier and healthier after turning vegan. Here is the list of a seven celebrities, who turned vegan and continue to do so.

  • Jennifer Lopez: She is a complete vegan and her diet even excludes the dairy products. Yes, you read correct. J-Lo says that her diet is all plant and ground based. She says that it makes her feel more energetic. Though not having the dairy products, especially butter, is something she misses, but she says that eating more greens make her happy.
  • Usher: For past 3 years, the singer, songwriter and dancer Usher is on a vegan diet and is adamant on continuing it for a long haul. He said he is determined on making sure that he takes a healthier diet to take control of his own life.
  • Carrie Underwood: Carrie calls herself as a “Practical Vegan” as she is not on all-time-no-to-dairy diet. She says if on functions and events she has to eat something, she does. But other than that, she has been completely vegetarian since she was 13 and a vegan since 2011.
  • Natalie Portman: Inspired by Safran Foer’s Eating Animals, Natalie Portman has turned herself onto a strict vegan diet. Though when she was pregnant in 2011, she included dairy products in her diet but after that, she is a strict vegan again.
  • Jessica Chastain: Famous for carrying her own vegan meals on the go, Jessica has been a strict vegan since 2007. Being a vegetarian for over a decade before turning into a strict vegan, Jessica has said that she likes the fact that she is a vegan and feels proud of it. She also negates any health worries that she would have felt because of her diet and says she is completely happy with it.
  • Mike Tyson: The World renowned King of the ring and former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson has been a vegan since 2010. He credits his vegan diet for being healthy once again. He says that turning vegan has helped him get over the issues that he was facing due to drugs and bad cocaine.
  • Ellen Page: The sexiest vegan/vegetarian celebrity of the year 2014 by PETA, Ellen Page has been really upfront while talking about her being a vegan. Highly active on social media sites, she has made it quite clear that she loves herself being a vegan and feels proud of it.
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