Bruno Mars Confirms New Album in 2016

After remaining silent for a year and half, Bruno Mars is set to take off with a bang. There were news all around the web and social media regarding Bruno’s new album and recently Bruno confirmed all of them, he is working on his new album.

“I’m on a mission. I’m obsessed to make an album I’m genuinely proud of. Stick with me Hooligans. I’ll get there. Love Brunz.” He tweeted.

Hooligans went all over the moon after this tweet, the tweet has been shared millions of times on social media. Hooligans just can’t hide their excitement.

We all know that Bruno has huge fan following and according to Roller Stone his new album is one of the most anticipated album of 2016.

Bruno was never out of the picture, after making two million dollars from his second album, he was seen on the Super Bowl Half Time show, making it one of the most watched Half Time show at that time. And then he came up with the biggest single on 2015 Uptown Funk featuring Mark Ronson.

Earlier in 2015, Bruno along with Mark Ronson were on Ellen, while discussing their new single Bruno said that after completing this project he will be gone for some time. Ellen reacted, “For How Long?” Mars then explained that he thinks that he is ready for his third Album. The Album should be “Just as good, if not better.”

According to reports Bruno have plans to take his new Album to a World Tour in late 2016. We wish all the luck and success to Bruno Mars and Hooligans for their new Album.

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