Cities Celebrating The New Year

New Year comes with new hopes, possibilities and much more. So welcoming New Year in style and grandeur is a must. While New Year Eve’s parties go on all around the globe, there are some cities which are best at it. We take a look at a few of those, which make New Year Eve’s parties a must-see event.
Las Vegas:
How about partying all night and waiting for the clock to tick 12:00 to welcome the New Year with 300,000 more partiers like you? Yup, you can do that in Las Vegas. Dance and drink with the huge crowd and feel the anticipation. Various places in the city have different things to offer. It’s all about drinks, music, dance and a huge roar as awesome fireworks light up the sky and welcome the New Year.
Sydney, Australia:
It is a spectacular view at the Historic Sydney Harbor Bridge as people gather around the water front to see one of the most extravagant fireworks of the world take place. The music is all up and the fireworks make everyone awe-struck. The people love to party here and thus make an awesome crowd to party with. So, if you are looking for the best place to celebrate New Year’s Eve, Sydney can be a great choice.
Paris, France:
One more historic city, “the city of love” and “the city of light”, where people come to see the miraculously bright sky at midnight, courtesy of extraordinary fireworks of celebration. The fireworks light up the Eiffel Tower right from its core to top and give it a view which makes everyone gasp after looking at it. Thousands of people gather to take the best spot to spectacle the view with drinks in hand and the loved one in arms.
New York City:
It’s the city of parties and New Year’s Eve in New York City is a must visit. How can someone miss the renowned giant New Year’s Eve Ball, which is lit at the evening to kick off the party and fires up as the New Year arrives! Music, parties, drinks and dance go on all night. Not to forget the live performances from the greats.
Byron Bay:
After all the lighting and fireworks, how about visiting a place that favors natural surprises to welcome the New Year! A complete fireworks and alcohol-free welcome to the New Year is what it offers. Street stalls, performances from local bands, people with face paints and much more adds to the fun. As the sun rises, giving it a spectacular aura, the place and people keep on partying in their own way. It is all about festivities and welcoming the New Year in midst of natural wonders.

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