The two extremely opposite sun signs ending up together happily, is a conclusion that most people find hard to digest. But with Aries-Capricorn pair, this thing happens and happens often. The reason? Well, as it may not seem, but the Aries – Capricorn pair has a lot more in common than it appears at the surface. Though Aries are enthusiastic and born to rule, Capricorn’s calm and wise presence in their lives brings things in control and makes the boat sail smoothly. Yes, the difference in approaches towards life and the behavioral dissimilarities might seem as a thing of concern, but both the sun signs are passionate towards what they are in to and this makes them work well together.

So Let’s Have A Look At How Their Compatibility Stands:

Aries are the born leaders. They are meant to lead from the front, be a bit bossy and controlling in nature. They are free flowing, full of enthusiasm and up for everything. Capricorn, on the other hand, is like a wise old man who has seen it all and knows how to be patient and decide wisely. This difference in their approaches is the key to their success as a pair. While Aries generally admires the calmness and toughness of a Capricorn, the Capricorn is often impressed by the cheerfulness and the passion of Aries. Though at times, Capricorn might feel uneasy with so much excitement around them and Aries might get bored of Capricorn’s deep thinking approach, but with mutual respect, both signs are generally able to overcome this issue.

The difference in approaches is visible in their sex lives too. Aries have a nature of rushing into things and that involve sex too. While Capricorn takes time to come into the mood of it. While both the signs are great in bed once they are completely comfortable and into it which makes their sex a strong part of their lives but again, too much rush from the Aries can unsettle a patient Capricorn.

Aries enjoys being impulsive. They tend to live in the moment and sometimes ignoring the results which it may lead to. Capricorns, on the other hand, loves to think about the possibilities before taking any action. While the Aries are action driven, Capricorn is more of a visionary. If a Capricorn makes a plan, his Aries partner would not take a second to act upon it. But if Aries will act first, the Capricorn partner would want to look at it from all possible aspects before approving.

To Conclude:

The Aries – Capricorn pair can thrive successfully but all it takes is a little compromise from both sides. The differences are there and they will definitely cause troubles. But if both the signs are ready to compromise just a bit, this pair can end up being one of the most successful pairs of all. A little patience from Aries and a little more fun from Capricorn will do it.

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