The Highest Paid Retired Sportsmen

Sports are about intensity, stamina, endurance, talent, skill and hard work. But with time, sports brought in money too and a lot of it with endorsements being one of the main reasons! There are many sportsmen who went on to become rich, but then there are a few, who continued becoming rich and richer even after they retired. Here is the list of top 5 highest paid retired sportsmen:

Michael Jordon ($90 M)
The 52 years old basketball champ, who is regarded as greatest basketball player of all times and who retired back in 2003, is still earning a heap of money. Credits to the Nike’s Jordan brand which is still going strong in show market and earning him a hell lot of money! In addition to this, he has endorsements like Novant Health, Gatorade, 2K Health and much more. To add on, he has own car dealership and hotels. His 90% ownership in multi-millionaire Charlotte Hornets is one more reason he is earning this much money.

David Beckham ($75 M)
A fabulous combination of style and talent, David Beckham had an illustrious career for over 20 years in Football field. Once retired in 2013, money is still raining on him thanks to his business partnerships. Partnering with Diageo and Global Brands, post retirement, David has earned $20 M upfront. Since he holds stakes in them, so money will be coming to him regularly. He already had endorsements with Samsung, Adidas, and Asian companies like the Chinese Super League, China auto rental etc.

Arnold Palmer ($42 M)
At an age of 85, the legendary golfer Arnold Palmer is standing tall at third position in the list of highest paying retired sportsmen. Winning 7 majors during his career, he is earning more after retiring thanks to his business sense. The 500 self-supporting Arnold Palmer stores and Arnold Palmer line of drinks are earning him heaps of money. He has plans to open 200 more Arnold Palmer stores in future, which will add on to his income stream and thus, there seems no end to the money that is raining on this 85 years old money maker.

Jack Nicklaus ($30 M)
Another golden aged money maker from the field of golf, Jack Nicklaus, has made our list. The winner of 18 majors, Jack earned himself a great name in the golf course. He got into the golf course designing business. Being a mogul in gold course designing now, Jack owned “Nicklaus Design”, which was founded by him in 1970, has been responsible for designing more than 390 golf courses. There are more projects underway, especially in Asia. The future looks shiny for the 75 years old Golden Bear.

Jerry Richardson ($23 M)
At 78, Jerry Richardson is earning the amount of money which can be a reason of envy for many. Being a player in NFL for two years, Jerry found his calling post retirement. He started his restaurant business and he excelled in it. The earning form the restaurant franchises was so good that he went on to own his own team in Super Bowl, becoming the first former player to do so. A stakeholder in one of the largest franchises and from his team Carolina Panthers, he is earning this much that he is now on fifth spot on this list of richest retired sportsmen.

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